An Introduction to Hrank

A Bit About Hrank

Hrank is a hosting review company that monitors shared hosting providers. It has its very own rating system, which is based on research, analysis and experience in order to provide users with the best possible experience. Hrank does its best to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information. This is made possible since the company has access to TLDs from the most popular zones of the internet. Instead of offering tools for users to monitor their own website, Hrank provides visitors with as much hosting performance information as possible.

How Does Hrank get its Information for Readers?

The main purpose of this service is to monitor and collect data from shared servers and websites on a regular basis. The focus is on shared servers, which host up to a thousand websites each and approximately 98% of all web servers are covered. Software is used to analyze and aggregate data and receive information on each server’s uptime and response time. This information is gathered by Hrank’s bot. Contrary to what you may assume, the bot’s actions do not harm the websites it visits in any way. Hrank collects as much information about each hosting company as possible and then an honest review is compiled about each one. None of these reviews are sponsored by the hosting companies themselves. Information about the hosting company is taken into account, along with their support system and, of course, the cost.

What is the Price to use Hrank?

Using Hrank is 100% free. The objective is to allow readers to make an informed decision on which hosting company to use. Information is provided about each one, with quick facts and useful information and then you are free to make your own choice. Hrank’s information is as transparent as possible. Hrank does not promote any particular hosting company, nor does it provide biased reviews. The goal is to inform you and allow you to make a decision based on your own judgement and what you want from a hosting company. Hrank does not want your money for providing you with this useful information.

Things to Know About Using Hrank

You get provided with the reviews and the information. It is completely up to you how you decide to use that information. First, you should understand what Hrank does and how the information is compiled. This will help you to better work with this information. Hrank’s owners search for all kinds of information about hosting companies which may be of use to readers. Such information includes the hosting company’s uptime, response time, price, quick facts about the company, their support system and the overall user experience.

The ‘Choose Hosting’ page is designed to help you select the perfect hosting company for your small business or personal website. Each hosting company is assigned a ‘hrank’. This rank is merely an opinion of the hosting company and can be ignored if you wish.

You are also provided with each hosting company’s cost per month, for your easy reference.
Hrank choose hosting
In the image above, you can see the basic information about one of the hosting companies reviewed by Hrank:

The same basic information is provided about each company, which also includes the uptime, response time, the shared servers and the amount of websites hosted by this particular hosting company. There is also a link to each hosting company, so that you can easily purchase your plan once you decide. The summary about each hosting company should provide you with some quick facts to help you narrow down the best company for you. You are then able to click to view the details about each company in order to better help you in choosing the right one for you.

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