Is arvixe a good host? Shared VPS dedicated reviews opinions 2017

If users or businesses are seeking the capabilities to not only gain hosting for their websites, such as WordPress for example, but even benefit and utilize the ability to sell hosting services, than Arvixe is an optimal choice! Is arvixe a good host? Slow of fast? Read good and bad customer reviews about hosting plans: personal class, business class, VPS, Dedicated, uptime, speed, performance, problems.

Diversity in Class

Arvixe is unique in the services it provides as it offers its customers and their business the ability to not only host a server using Linux, but even Windows—so while two options are offered, each hosting plan is then strengthened with various CPU cores and dedicated memory options.

From 150GB to 300GB of Dedicated Disk Space (DDS), any company—no matter how big or small—can rest assured that there will always be space for additional data, platforms, and even cloud data sharing and communication services.

Accountability and Style

Arvixe hosting plans and VPS, as well Cloud server services are all backed by a 60-day guarantee, which is unusually lengthy and really gives its customers and their businesses a sense of added security, support, and accountability when using a service provider such as this.

Ranging from management, to email, development and statistics, Arvixe goes above and beyond to offer both personal and business hosting plans tailored to a broad dynamic of different types of consumers and prospective businesses—no matter what stage of development or growth they’re in.

With server alerts, a modern query system, and a discussion board it’s evident that Arvixe stands behind its products and takes pride in the features it offers, hosts, and manages for you and your business.

Added Features

Unlike many hosting website service providers, Arvixe surprisingly also specializes in providing CMS hosting, such as seen with Joomla or Concrete5, and even provides video sharing hosting-technology.

Even more impressively, Arvixe adds to its wide selection of services and providers by hosting, managing, and providing direct technical support for business owners that seek the benefits of hosting and having their own discussion board on their website with their brand—with some of the most popular platforms available such as Vbulletin.


2 thoughts on “Is arvixe a good host? Shared VPS dedicated reviews opinions 2017”

  1. They were bought out a while ago… I used to be on their cheap ASP hosting and dropped them in favor of dedicated hosting in a colo. I have wayyyyy more HP available now and it’s not expensive at all – $30/mo. for 100mbit up/down, 5 TB transfer, redundant power/cooling/data, 2U’s of space (I use 1), and 2 amps power @ 110v. I have a 1950-III w/16 gigs of ram and dual quad-core xeons running there. Total overkill for me.

    Anyway, I had good experiences with Arvixe early on, especially given the modest cost. Unfortunately it is widely known that EIG kills the companies it buys 🙁

  2. They’re EIG which is trash. I have personally migrated a high-traffic site off of them recently due to the following issues:

    They offer you a cpanel for your hosting which is OK but I personally don’t like it.
    There was an outstanding balance with my client’s bill and they took the domain down before trying to contact her about it both by email and phone. We discovered the site down on Christmas at 12:30am. All other hosts I’ve experienced WILL do EVERYTHING in their power to contact you before taking such drastic action.
    I found their shared hosting to be slow and clunky.
    They lock functionality like migrating a domain down so that you have to call them to do simple things like simple DNS migration
    They use an ANCIENT interface with a registrar re-seller for dealing with DNS contact information etc.

    All-in-all they weren’t terrible… BUT there are services like Digital Ocean and A Small Orange that I perceive to be top-notch with their customer support/experience =P

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