How to Improve Your Website Traffic and Conversion

Website Traffic and Conversion
Having a good website is the most important thing that any business must have today. However, it should not stop there. A good website should bring revenue and growth to your organization. Unfortunately, many people and businesses don’t see this growth. In this article, we will look at the various ways of increasing traffic and conversion to your website.

Invest in SEO

Search engines like Google are very important when you are considering boosting your website’s traffic. This is because most of us visit websites by searching them on search engines. Unfortunately, people will never visit your website if they can’t find you on Google. In fact, research shows that most Google users rarely move to the second page of the search engine. Therefore, you should invest a lot in SEO. You should ensure that the website appears on the front page of Google.
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Top 8 Free and Paid WordPress Themes For Photographers 2019

Looking for a great WordPress theme for your photography blog?

If you’re setting up a photo blog, it’s imperative you pick a suitable theme, one that allows you to show your work in style and quickly find new clients.

There are many WordPress themes designed specially for photographers, but not all of them are built equal.

When you’re reputation is on the line, I’m sure you wouldn’t like to take any chances. A wrong choice here can prove too costly.

But don’t worry, as I will take you through Top 8 Free and Paid WordPress themes for photographers 2019 to help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s get started.
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An Introduction to Hrank

A Bit About Hrank

Hrank is a hosting review company that monitors shared hosting providers. It has its very own rating system, which is based on research, analysis and experience in order to provide users with the best possible experience. Hrank does its best to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information. This is made possible since the company has access to TLDs from the most popular zones of the internet. Instead of offering tools for users to monitor their own website, Hrank provides visitors with as much hosting performance information as possible.

How Does Hrank get its Information for Readers?

The main purpose of this service is to monitor and collect data from shared servers and websites on a regular basis. The focus is on shared servers, which host up to a thousand websites each and approximately 98% of all web servers are covered. Software is used to analyze and aggregate data and receive information on each server’s uptime and response time. This information is gathered by Hrank’s bot. Contrary to what you may assume, the bot’s actions do not harm the websites it visits in any way. Hrank collects as much information about each hosting company as possible and then an honest review is compiled about each one. None of these reviews are sponsored by the hosting companies themselves. Information about the hosting company is taken into account, along with their support system and, of course, the cost.
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Top 10 Domain Name Generators 2019. Best Website Blog Name Generator

Best Domain Name Generators to have Hands On

best domain name generator
One realizes the importance of a domain name, once they wish to acquire one for themselves and indeed, at times choosing a domain name is not as simple as it may seem. A domain name is not just a “domain name”; it represents something that one would wish to put out in the world of internet and eventually becomes a trademark for the website itself! Therefore, just some random domain name is not enough if one wishes to stand out in the hugely competitive web market. On the other hand, there are quite handsome benefits if one has acquired a unique and creative domain name!

  • What makes a Unique and Creative Domain Name?
  • Relevant to your brand or website’s category
  • Short and Catchy!
  • Representing your brand or website

Once there is a clear understanding of what a domain name should be like, one would actually try to claim a domain name but there are instances where every other domain name results as already in use by someone else. This is exactly where a domain name generator comes in and does its magic but just to be sure there are a few things one should certainly consider while using a domain name generator to get the problem solved.

  • Why use a Domain Name Generator?
  • All your options are already acquired
  • You want a creative and unique domain name
  • A relevant domain name based on the provided keywords
  • You are simply out of ideas

Well, choosing the best domain name generators could be tricky at times and would require a good analysis of the generator itself in order to achieve the aim at its best potential. Therefore, we have made the task easy by laying out the top 10 domain name generators and they are as follows.


SuggestMeDomain is my favorite domain name generator. This domain name suggestion tool pairing your search phrase with other 3500+ vocabulary keywords (suffixes, prefixes, brand words and popular domain trends) and then instantly showing you which are currently available to register. Choose an appropriate category to generate specific niche domain name.

Lean Domain Search

This basically works as a search engine for domain names and lets you search the database of available domain names through keywords. The user will just have to put in the relevant keywords based on the brand, website or of any other choice and Lean Domain Search does its magic finding hundreds and thousands of available domain names in just a matter of a few Nano seconds! Lean Domain Search not just lets you simply search for a domain name but also provides a whole set of tools such as different filters allowing you to display results based on the criteria set or narrowed down search.

Bust a Name

Bust a Name, is actually one of the best when it comes to customization and depth to the details. Bust a name lets you search the database not just with simply keyword input but also places a number of tools at your disposal to refine and narrow down the searches. It allows you to search based on keywords while allowing you to specifically mention which keyword comes at the start of the beginning of the domain name and which one at the end. There are many other filtering tools that Bust a Name provides that helps you find a quality domain name, such as setting up a character limit to the domain name, choosing different extensions, etc.


Nameboy, is another domain name search engine that works, based on the keywords provided and shows the results in the form of a chart. It allows the user to input two keywords at the most and the chart that it displays the results on actually makes it easy to identify which domains are already acquired and which are up for sale or resale. Nameboy could be one of the best options if you need the job done instantly!


NameStall, will let you customize your search in the best way possible and show you the most relevant domain names. It also allows you to explore results of the most popular keywords and many other filters which would help provide some good ideas.

Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler, is yet another amazing domain name searcher that is simple but added with a lot of details and options to refine and better the search. With Domain Puzzler, the user gets the option to add multiple keywords to get different variations of domain names. There are different variants to the search engine itself at Domain Puzzler which could be utilized to give more detail and relevance to the domain name.

Name Mesh

Name Mesh, is a very simple domain name search engine which is very helpful if you have a couple keywords in mind. Simply search based on the keywords and let Name Mesh do the magic. Once the search list is produced, the user can filter the results based on domain extensions.

Domains Bot

Domains Bot, is not just a domain name search engine but a suggestion tool too which might come in handy. Just enter the keyword and the user will find available options relating to that keyword and along with that, similar keywords and other ideas. It also allows to directly buying the domains from their website only.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Although, Shopify is not basically a domain name generator but actually a platform where people can set up their websites for a business, there is a tool which provides suggestions based on the keywords. One could utilize this tool and find whether the domain name is available and go to a service provider to get the domain name.

Name Station

Name Station actually slows its users to create a free account on their service so users can access their previous searches and favorites later on. Name Station, also works based on keyword search and other tools include instant availability checker and various filters such as length of characters, extensions, etc.

How to make money from Shareasale. Tutorial, affiliate tips

How to get Shareasale affiliate account? Tutorial

What to do if you want to sign-up as an affiliate or what to do if your shareasale application was declined?

Anyone can join to Shareasale afiliate programm for free. You should have quality website in English. In my opinion better to start with niche website, write at least 10 articles: online shop reviews, best products reviews in your niche, helpful articles (FAQ, buying guide), then build several backlinks.


After your affiliate website is ready and get some traffic, register an account. Shareasale will ask you to confirm that you’re the owner of your website, you should answer them from your e-mail, something like this
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How to earn/make money with Commission Junction. affiliate marketing tips (Commission Junction was re-branded to CJ Affiliate by Conversant) is one of the best affiliate network, which work with thousands of advertizers.  When visitors click on the link that have been placed on your website and buy advertizer product/service – you got a commission. There is a huge potential to earn/make money with as an affiliate. In this article I will share tips on how to work with this affiliate network, how to choose brands/products to promote. It’s not so hard to earn several hundred bucks with cj, it just takes time to see results.


You can start right away by signing up to the network. It’s free.

Usually they approve affiliate applications quickly. Once you get approved, you can login, gain access to the CJ Account Manager and join advertiser affiliate programs.

Best cj affiliate programs


What are the best affiliate programs? The answer is simple – your niche website programs.

As you can see I picked Clothing/Apparel category and clicked search button. There’re 379 advertizers to choose in this categoty. If you a have fashion blog, write review of online shops, popular products they offer, price comparison, etc.

You can see Network Earnings bar, 3 month EPC, 7 day EPC, Sale amount, Lead amount. Consider these parameters, when choosing most profitable programs to join. affiliate tips

1) Click the square button to join the program.


Sometimes you can see message: Your application has been declined by this advertiser for one or more reasons. It’s because you’re not from US or your website doesn’t satisfy the requirements. Contact the advertiser through advertiser’s detail page within the account manager, send e-mail to affiliate manager.

Usually advertisers approve publishers manually. Your application status will be set to “Pending Application” and the advertiser will contact you if approved. If the process of approval is delayed, you can contact affiliate manager of the company.

2) When your application is approved, click Get Links button, Get Code and choose HTML, JavaScript, Click URL


Different types of link: Text, Banner, Flash, Content, Advanced, Smart. I use text links usually.

Use coupon codes, sale/discount, hot products, free shipping links to increase your earnings.

3) Click Account -> Websites  to add your websites. When advertizers approve your application they will see you have niche website(s), related to their niche, it will increase the chance you get approved.

4) There’re two payment methods: Check and Direct Deposit to get your money.

5) Here is two useful links:

Comission Junction FAQ

Video tutorials for affiliates

If you have any questions regarding, don’t hesistate to ask them in comment

Business Hosting Provider: MilesWeb vs Godaddy?

Best business hosting provider
Let me ask you one thing before beginning the article, What you do mean by Business hosting? Generally, it is observed that most of the users are not aware of term web hosting itself. Therefore, I asked this question because business hosting is a different concept and interesting too for all types of business. In the market, there are two providers who offer business hosting at affordable price, but it is your duty to research before buying the service. If you are looking for business hosting to host your eCommerce website or any other type of website then you are at the right place, because I am going to highlight a comparison of these two business hosting providers:

1) MilesWeb

2) Godaddy

Before starting a comparison, let’s take a look on what is business hosting?

If you are looking to boost your website performance, then you must be thinking of getting another hosting solution like VPS, Cloud, Dedicated or Cheap Web Hosting India. As per my suggestion, you should consider business hosting for your website where you will get a server that assures superior performance. If you are looking for Cheap Web Hosting India, check MilesWeb hosting.

Now you must be thinking what is the difference between normal hosting and business hosting? To clear this confusion, I will highlight the best example of two bikes: Splender and Ducati. The names itself disclose the difference in performance of these two bikes. Let’s assume that you are using Splender on a daily basis and looking for the superior ride then you need to switch to Ducati to experience outstanding performance. In the same way, if you want to experience outstanding performance of the website then it’s important to consider business hosting.

Let’s start the comparison of the two providers:


MilesWeb, India’s Best Cloud Server Hosting provider offer all types of hosting solutions at a cheap price. In the same way, they have launched business hosting in the cloud, where you will get business hosting on cloud infrastructure starting from Rs. 1500/mo along with an attractive discount on it. Their features are as below:

Unlimited SSD web space and bandwidth:- If you are looking to host multiple websites along with unlimited SSD web space and bandwidth then this plan is the ultimate option.

Easy to use: It is easy to operate for a newbie as compared to other hosting solutions such as shared and VPS hosting.

Performance: If you are expecting good performance in terms of traffic and speed, then surely you can opt for this package.

On-demand backup and restore:- Due to growing competition, it is necessary to protect your data by taking backup instantly, therefore, MilesWeb offer an on-demand backup feature to restore your data.

DDoS Protection: In case, you are frequently receiving the DDoS attacks on your website then DDoS protection feature will help you to protect your website from these attacks.

Block visitors by country: In case, you don’t want users from a specific country and are not your target audience, then you can block such users by using this feature.

In addition, MilesWeb also offer these features:

1) Host one website

2) Standard SSL certificate

3) 99.95% uptime

4) 30 days money back guarantee

5) cPanel and 1 – click script installs

6) 24*7*365 expert tech support

7) Free website migration

Why choose MilesWeb Cloud-based business hosting?

1) Cloud infrastructure:

In cloud server, you will get the required resources for preserving the website resources that will get distributed over more than one server that actually act as one server and you can utilize them as per your requirement.

2) Cloud-based web security:

This feature helps you to protect your website from various hacking activities by monitoring the server on a regular basis. However, you can take back up as per your requirement.

3) Email spam protection:

Using this feature, you can secure your email account, however, this will scan your incoming emails. In short, your incoming emails remain safe from spam, viruses and other email attacks.


Yet another leading web hosting provider in India, Godaddy offers domain and other hosting solutions to all types of business. Similarly, they offer four plans in their business hosting starting from Launch Rs. 1919/mo and followed by Enhance, Grow and Expand. Their plan includes features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website hosting and creating multiple databases, etc. If you compare with MilesWeb then you will notice that they lack behind in terms of features such as website back up in cloud infrastructure, cloud-based web security, Email spam protection, block visitors by country, website security report, DDoS protection, On-demand backup and restore, etc. If we talk about pricing then you consider MilesWeb as they offer multiple features at an affordable cost as compared to Godaddy.


In this post, you must have got a clear idea of how both the providers are different from each other in terms of price and feature. As per my opinion, MilesWeb is superior as compared to Godaddy as they offer better features that will help the eCommerce, high traffic or newly started website to establish online successfully.