How to make money from Shareasale. Tutorial, affiliate tips

How to get Shareasale affiliate account? Tutorial

What to do if you want to sign-up as an affiliate or what to do if your shareasale application was declined?

Anyone can join to Shareasale afiliate programm for free. You should have quality website in English. In my opinion better to start with niche website, write at least 10 articles: online shop reviews, best products reviews in your niche, helpful articles (FAQ, buying guide), then build several backlinks.


After your affiliate website is ready and get some traffic, register an account. Shareasale will ask you to confirm that you’re the owner of your website, you should answer them from your e-mail, something like this
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How to earn/make money with Commission Junction. affiliate marketing tips (Commission Junction was re-branded to CJ Affiliate by Conversant) is one of the best affiliate network, which work with thousands of advertizers.  When visitors click on the link that have been placed on your website and buy advertizer product/service – you got a commission. There is a huge potential to earn/make money with as an affiliate. In this article I will share tips on how to work with this affiliate network, how to choose brands/products to promote. It’s not so hard to earn several hundred bucks with cj, it just takes time to see results.


You can start right away by signing up to the network. It’s free.

Usually they approve affiliate applications quickly. Once you get approved, you can login, gain access to the CJ Account Manager and join advertiser affiliate programs.

Best cj affiliate programs


What are the best affiliate programs? The answer is simple – your niche website programs.

As you can see I picked Clothing/Apparel category and clicked search button. There’re 379 advertizers to choose in this categoty. If you a have fashion blog, write review of online shops, popular products they offer, price comparison, etc.

You can see Network Earnings bar, 3 month EPC, 7 day EPC, Sale amount, Lead amount. Consider these parameters, when choosing most profitable programs to join. affiliate tips

1) Click the square button to join the program.


Sometimes you can see message: Your application has been declined by this advertiser for one or more reasons. It’s because you’re not from US or your website doesn’t satisfy the requirements. Contact the advertiser through advertiser’s detail page within the account manager, send e-mail to affiliate manager.

Usually advertisers approve publishers manually. Your application status will be set to “Pending Application” and the advertiser will contact you if approved. If the process of approval is delayed, you can contact affiliate manager of the company.

2) When your application is approved, click Get Links button, Get Code and choose HTML, JavaScript, Click URL


Different types of link: Text, Banner, Flash, Content, Advanced, Smart. I use text links usually.

Use coupon codes, sale/discount, hot products, free shipping links to increase your earnings.

3) Click Account -> Websites  to add your websites. When advertizers approve your application they will see you have niche website(s), related to their niche, it will increase the chance you get approved.

4) There’re two payment methods: Check and Direct Deposit to get your money.

5) Here is two useful links:

Comission Junction FAQ

Video tutorials for affiliates

If you have any questions regarding, don’t hesistate to ask them in comment

Easiest, fastest, simplest way to build affiliate niche site for beginners

How to create an affiliate website

What is the fastest, easiest way to create a good looking, simple website for beginners without coding experience? What is the best website creation software for affiliate niche, blogging, portfolio, small business, photography sites? Softaculous is an interface tool of cPanel, it automates installation of CMS’s (Content Management Systems). I use WordPress for most of my niche websites, because of plenty of free/premium responsive templates, plugins. WordPress is very simple to install, use and customize.

Creating simple niche website

When you sign up to a web hosting you get login and password for your cPanel web hosting control panel. Login into cPanel, then go to the bottom of the page: you will see Softaculous Apps Installer, Scripts, click on WordPress.



On the next page click on Install Now button.


On the next page: Choose Protocol, I use http://www. for my websites. Enter the required fields: Site Name, Site Description.

Choose Admin Username and generate strong password, then click Install.

Congratulation, you set up your website! Log into dashboard, you have an toobar on the left with lots of different options: Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Plugins, Tools, Users, Settings.

Go to settings: General Settings. This is a page, where you can change your Site title and Tagline, Email Address, Date Format, Time Format, Sute language.

Go to Writing Settings: 


Click the link Update Services, copy the links list from this page and paste to Update Services, than click Save Changes. When you publish a new post, WordPress notifies all these services, what increases exposure of your website.

Go to Settings: Reading:


Blog pages show at most: WordPress shows 5 posts on main website page and other pages

It’s important to show just a summary for each article in a feed, because when people subscribe to your feed they should visit your website to read full article, othersite they just read full article in RSS reader without visiting your website.

Your feed URL:



Go to Settings: Permalink. Default setting is Day and name. Change to Postname:

SEO-friendly Post URL example:

It’s crucial to use postname in article’s URL for ranking your articles high in Search Engines and clean navigation.

Best plugins for WordPress

To install WordPress plugin click on menu Plugins, then ADD New. Click Install on selected plugin, than activate it. Don’t forget to adjust settings for each plugin before using it. You’ll be able to find all instructions on the plugin’s page.

Here is a list of FREE WordPress plugins I use on my websites:

Yoast SEO – improving your site’s SEO on all needed aspects.

Akismet – Antispam comments plugin.

Contact Form 7 – simple contact form for your website.

WP Super Cache – a great caching plugin to faster loading of your website

Social Pug (floating social share buttons in the sidebar) or Shareaholic plugin

WP-PageNavi – simple navigation for your blog

Disable Comments – I disable comments on pages (not posts).

What theme to choose on WordPress

Choose free responsive theme for your website and install it. When your blog become more pupular you can install premium theme for best look and customization options.

Go to Appearance: Themes: Add New: Install: Activate

You can use Feature Filter to find theme with 1-2-3-4 columns or specific subject: blog, education, news, portfolio, etc. My sugestion, choose simple theme without heavy effects and design elements.

Creating pages

What pages do you need for best functionality of you wesbite? About, Contact, Privacy Policy (use Free Privacy Policy Generator), Disclamer.

Creating Menu

You can add pages (about, contact, disclamer), specific posts or categories to your Main menu.


Add Search Form, Social Profile Icons, Categories, Recent comments, Recent posts, Text (HTML code) and other widgets to your sidebar.

How to create e-mail for domain


How to create e-mail. You can use this e-mail in Contact Form. Go to cPanel, Email section,
click Email Accounts.Choose your e-mail: contact, admin, or anything you want. Generate Strong Password and copy it. Click Create Account. Done! You created email for your website which looks professional.

How to choose a Catchy, SEO-friendly domain name for website

Choose the right domain name for affiliate niche website

After you’ve chosen the niche for your affiliate website, next step is to find and pick the perfect domain name for SEO and ranking in Seacrh Engines. As Google suggests: build not just a website, but a brand! So there several things to consider before you call your online business.


Long tail keyword domains

Is it a good idea to use long tail keyword domain (exact match domains or EMD’s) in 2016? It was popular to made mini-websites with main targeted keyword in domain a few years ago. This type of sites ranked much faster, easily to the top of the first page, but Google has reduced the ranking factor of having keywords in a domain name. Domain authority is the priority factor in ranking website in search engines nowadays.

Keyword domain vs branded domain

It’s important to include keyword in your domain, however you can use a brand name with just one keyword. Let’s look at examples from previous article:

For keyword: best cordless drill and cordless drills reviews you can see websites in the top of Google:,,,, Domains that are branded domains have better performance due to user experience. Visitors can remember your website address easily.

These domain names describe a scalable niche, which includes several sub-niches, with plenty of products reviews.

7 Important Criteria to Choose a Good Domain Name

1) What TLD to choose: .com, .org, .net or …? .com (commercial) top-level domain is the most recognized domain name. I use .com for all my websites, .net or .org are less effective.

2) Domains that are 2-3 words sound less spammy than 4 or 5 words.

3) Keep it short. It’s easier to remember Short URL.

4) Don’t use hyphens and numbers. Such domains look generic.

5) Be memorable. Examples:,,,

6) Don’t use existing Trademark in your domain name. A trademark owner could sue and take control over domain.

7) If your domain name is not available, pick an alternate TLD extention, or add prefix or suffix. Use domain name generator with 3500+ prefixes and suffixes, brand words vocabluary

Most of web hosting prodivers offer FREE domain name, when you sign up to hosting plan. One important thing I need to mention is Domain Privacy protection, I use it for all my domains, because it keeps all my personal infrormation off the Internet (name, address, phone number, e-mail).

Next step: choosing reliable web hosting provider

How to choose the best and right affiliate niche

Tips on choosing the right affiliate niche for blog, review website

Picking the right niche is especially important when you want to make money online. What’s is the best affiliate niche for website in 2016? The answer on this question is that there’s no such thing like the best niche for affiliate website, but there are lucrative niche markets to get into.



I go through three steps when choosing a niche to build a new affiliate website:

Step 1. Your Interest in the Topic

What do you know? What do you like? What is your hobby? If you’re interested in some topic and knowledgeable about, it’d be easy for you to write informative articles, FAQ’s, honest product reviews based on prior knowledge. Creating value content builds credibility with your visitors, increases number of subscribers and loyal followers of your website.

Even if you start a niche site around subject you aren’t passionate about, at least you must be willing to read a lot, learn a lot about it.

Step 2. Evaluate Search Traffic and Competition

Everyone wants to find a gold mine – high traffic and low competition niche. Usually low competition means that niche is limited by its weak organic search traffic and low earning potential.

Credit cards, insurance, teeth whitening are high demand and most competitive online niches. Affiliate commissions are high, but it could be a hard nut to crack to runk up your website in these niches, unless you’re an experienced online marketer and have a huge budget on advertising.

The optimal decision is to go into moderate to high search volume niches.

I used Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to see monthly searches for specific keyword phrase.



But they made changes in August 2016. As you can see on the screenshot: This page shows ranges for search volumes. For a more detailed view, set up and run a campaign. This tool shows range 1-10K for different keywords. But there’s a big difference between 1000 and 9000 monthly searches. We can’t evaluate which keyword to pick. If you want to see exact monthly searches for keyword you should pay and run an Adwords campaign.

Fortunately, there is a free solution to see search volume: and

You should get FREE API Key to use Keywords Everywhere browser addon. I use it with Chrome browser.

I typed in’s search box keyword: cordless drill

It suggested list of 350 keywords:

Cordless drill reviews – 3600 monthly searches (US)



I typed in and search for Best cordless drills keyword. The metrics showed up under the search box.


Best cordless drills – 9900 monthly searches (US).

So you can evaluate search volume for any keyword using Google Search fast.

Evaluate competition

Type in keyword: cordless drill and push space button, Google will suggest:


Most searched keyword is: cordless drill reviews, click on it to see Search Engine Results.


As you can see Exact match domain name website: is on the second place of the top 10 results. Competitors:,, first page; on the second. It wouldn’t be easy to rank for this keyword, but possible with quality content and backlinks.

You can analyze competitor’s backlinks using tools: Open Site Explorer,, and decide whether you can or can’t outrank competitors. If competition for specific keyword is high, you can go deeper or broader than your competitors or pick less competitive niche.

For best cordless drill Google suggested: best 18v cordless drill, best cordless drill brand, best cordless drill under 100, best cordless drill for home use, best cordless drill combo kit. All these keywords could be ideas for articles.

Best cordless drill for home projects, best cordless drill for metal, best cordless drill for deck screws, best cordless drill for concrete, best cordless drill for electrician keywords can be used as sections of a website, you can write specific cordless drills reviews for each section (sub-niche) and target a more specific audience.

Step 3. Find products and Affiliate programs

You can visit home improvement online stores or Amazon to find most popular cordless drill models.

What are good products to promote? Average affiliate commission should be at least $5, better $10, $20, if you sell five products with commission $20, you will make $100 per day!

To find affiliate programs type in Google: cordless drill affiliate program. Don’t forget about Amazon Associates program. Another way to find advertisers is to search them in Affiliate Networks:,, Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare).

Next Step: Choosing a perfect domain name for your website

Affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners. Build profitable niche website


How to build a successful niche affiliate website. Tips for newbies


Do you have a dream to make hundreds/thousands of dollars in passive income each month? You read information about niche affiliate websites, success stories and don’t know how to start, how to build your first affiliate website, how to get approved to major affiliate networks, what products to promote. People on webmaster’s forum asked me to help them to start a niche website, so I decided to write series of tutorials on how to make money with affiliate programs.

How start affiliate marketing with no money? You don’t need a lot of money to create an affiliate website, your expensives will be $13 for domain name (or free when you sign up to hosting) and $4-6/month for hosting.

The steps to building a successful affiliate website that pulls in at least $300 a month:

How to choose an affiliate niche

How to choose a profitable domain name

How to choose hosting

Simple way to create your first affiliate website

How to do keyword research. Finding long tail keywords

How to write product reviews

Most popular and profitable affiliate and AD networks for bloggers

Build strong backlinks and drive traffic