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One realizes the importance of a domain name, once they wish to acquire one for themselves and indeed, at times choosing a domain name is not as simple as it may seem. A domain name is not just a “domain name”; it represents something that one would wish to put out in the world of internet and eventually becomes a trademark for the website itself! Therefore, just some random domain name is not enough if one wishes to stand out in the hugely competitive web market. On the other hand, there are quite handsome benefits if one has acquired a unique and creative domain name!

  • What makes a Unique and Creative Domain Name?
  • Relevant to your brand or website’s category
  • Short and Catchy!
  • Representing your brand or website

Once there is a clear understanding of what a domain name should be like, one would actually try to claim a domain name but there are instances where every other domain name results as already in use by someone else. This is exactly where a domain name generator comes in and does its magic but just to be sure there are a few things one should certainly consider while using a domain name generator to get the problem solved.

  • Why use a Domain Name Generator?
  • All your options are already acquired
  • You want a creative and unique domain name
  • A relevant domain name based on the provided keywords
  • You are simply out of ideas

Well, choosing the best domain name generators could be tricky at times and would require a good analysis of the generator itself in order to achieve the aim at its best potential. Therefore, we have made the task easy by laying out the top 10 domain name generators and they are as follows.


SuggestMeDomain is my favorite domain name generator. This domain name suggestion tool pairing your search phrase with other 3500+ vocabulary keywords (suffixes, prefixes, brand words and popular domain trends) and then instantly showing you which are currently available to register. Choose an appropriate category to generate specific niche domain name.

Lean Domain Search

This basically works as a search engine for domain names and lets you search the database of available domain names through keywords. The user will just have to put in the relevant keywords based on the brand, website or of any other choice and Lean Domain Search does its magic finding hundreds and thousands of available domain names in just a matter of a few Nano seconds! Lean Domain Search not just lets you simply search for a domain name but also provides a whole set of tools such as different filters allowing you to display results based on the criteria set or narrowed down search.

Bust a Name

Bust a Name, is actually one of the best when it comes to customization and depth to the details. Bust a name lets you search the database not just with simply keyword input but also places a number of tools at your disposal to refine and narrow down the searches. It allows you to search based on keywords while allowing you to specifically mention which keyword comes at the start of the beginning of the domain name and which one at the end. There are many other filtering tools that Bust a Name provides that helps you find a quality domain name, such as setting up a character limit to the domain name, choosing different extensions, etc.


Nameboy, is another domain name search engine that works, based on the keywords provided and shows the results in the form of a chart. It allows the user to input two keywords at the most and the chart that it displays the results on actually makes it easy to identify which domains are already acquired and which are up for sale or resale. Nameboy could be one of the best options if you need the job done instantly!


NameStall, will let you customize your search in the best way possible and show you the most relevant domain names. It also allows you to explore results of the most popular keywords and many other filters which would help provide some good ideas.

Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler, is yet another amazing domain name searcher that is simple but added with a lot of details and options to refine and better the search. With Domain Puzzler, the user gets the option to add multiple keywords to get different variations of domain names. There are different variants to the search engine itself at Domain Puzzler which could be utilized to give more detail and relevance to the domain name.

Name Mesh

Name Mesh, is a very simple domain name search engine which is very helpful if you have a couple keywords in mind. Simply search based on the keywords and let Name Mesh do the magic. Once the search list is produced, the user can filter the results based on domain extensions.

Domains Bot

Domains Bot, is not just a domain name search engine but a suggestion tool too which might come in handy. Just enter the keyword and the user will find available options relating to that keyword and along with that, similar keywords and other ideas. It also allows to directly buying the domains from their website only.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Although, Shopify is not basically a domain name generator but actually a platform where people can set up their websites for a business, there is a tool which provides suggestions based on the keywords. One could utilize this tool and find whether the domain name is available and go to a service provider to get the domain name.

Name Station

Name Station actually slows its users to create a free account on their service so users can access their previous searches and favorites later on. Name Station, also works based on keyword search and other tools include instant availability checker and various filters such as length of characters, extensions, etc.

Creative Domain Name Generator. 3500+ Catchy Unique Ideas For Websites and Blogs

How to find creative, catchy domain name ideas for your new website or blog? There’s an innovative domain name generator SuggestMeDomain. This domain generator uses 3500+ words vocabulary for different categories. To generate brand domain names choose BrandPrefixSuffix, BrandWords1, BrandWords2 categories. None category generates different TLDs (Top-level domains), most popular .com .net .org. info .biz; also .uk .discount .review .me .biz .club .deals. checks domain availability.

If you want to generate niche domain names – choose category, which is related to your niche. Choose Affiliate to generate domain names list for affiliate website.

How to choose a domain name?

Domain name is much more than just a website identifier on the web. Even a combination of three or four letters can immediately make it clear for the visitor whether he needs to visit website or not. When you choosing a domain name, most site owners rely on existing examples and come up with something similar.

When choosing a domain name, it’s important to determine the purpose of the site for which the domain will be registered. It’s recommended to choose a combination of your first and last name. A domain name for corporate website may contain the name of the company or describing what it’s all about. If your company plans to open a company on the Internet with a well-known brand, the correct solution will be a domain name that coincides with this brand. When choosing a domain name, it is important that domain name is short and memorable.

.com, .net or .org domain zones are the most popular international domain zones among them.

Top 6 Most Reputable & Secure Domain Registrars 2018

Reputable, Safest Domain Registrars on the Market: Making the Right Investment

If you’re in the market for a domain registrar or considering switching to one for a better experience and quality services you’ve come to the right place. Let’s review the Top 6 Domain Registrars this year based on customer care, domain transferability, honoring contract prices, fees, marketplace features, control panel quality, security, API’s, simplicity, integration, and even complimentary products.


Top 6 domain name providers review

1) – is a premier domain registrar service that provides a variety of Domains, Hosting, and Apps services. This is a great service to go to if you’re looking for a premium experience and support with domain registration, transfer, personal domains, or even new TLDs. They have a very active marketplace, and as an added bonus also provide Whois, PremiumDNS, and FreeDNS services to customers and new users. They also offer reselling hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and private email hosting for those looking for more security and protection while maintaining a way to be easily contacted for business.

Customers have reported the luxury of enjoying very responsive, helpful customer service and Shared Hosting Plans that are both profitable and practical for their websites and business. NameCheap uses a well-organized, modern, and easy to use interface. So whether you’re looking to use their services for HTML5 sites or WordPress, they have a wide variety of different services to try out and enjoy. It’s also very affordable, true to its name, but doesn’t sacrifice quality for the price paid which a lot of the competition, as you may have already experienced does. I’ve been using Namecheap for several years without any problems. I have bunch of domains (com, net).

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2) – offers very competitive pricing for purchasing and maintaining domains. They’re also a desirable domain registrar service because of their flexibility to accept Paypal, Skrill, Dwolla, AllPay, and even Bitcoin. They have bulk prices available which are helpful for customers purchasing and managing many domains and are very friendly and helpful in assisting you in the process of domain transfer. We find NameSilo to be competitively desirable for not just the mainstream services they provide, but for the little things too. NameSilo is upfront about costs and fees and openly explains to customers through the billing process how ICANN fee’s work – which is typically included in the advertised package price. NameSilo is a top provider as a domain registrar and offers quality WhoIs protection which is helpful for any personal blogger, website, and business (domain) owner.

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3) GoDaddy – is a major domain registrar service with all types of services from domains to website hosting, web security specialists and resources, tools, and even online marketing services for getting your site or business to take off and maximize its potential.

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4) – is a WordPress friendly broad-range domain registrar and sercice provider that can help those who are interested in building or rebuilding their website, as well as offering extensive Hosting and SSL services such as SSL Certificates and Two-Step Verification features. is not as large as many of the other competing domain registrars on the market but prides itself on it’s “small family” experience and provides each customer with a personalized touch. They are very receptive to customer queries and helpful with domain transfers and blog support. They’re not known for the most affordable pricing, but still remains a great choice for those just getting started and requiring maximum support, a friendly control panel, and easy to navigate site.

5) – Google a strictly domain registrar-only service is an effective route to take if you wish to claim, register, or manage domain names. Unfortunately, they do not offer to host, however, there are business services and email available separately through Google Apps. Using Googles Domain Registrar is great for integration with the majority of web apps available on the market, and users report great experience with DNS server services. Google Domain registrar is simple to use, maintains relatively transparent value pricing, and although not the cheapest they do offer improved, and superior pricing for overall packages. They also provide extensive resources and domain name tools for searching and registering TLD’s or top-level domains- as well as country designated TLD’s which is especially helpful for marketing and maintaining business or website traffic. Overall Google Registrar customers report a positive experience, and that it’s worth the investment of both their time and money.

6) – Dynadot as a major domain registrar has a solid reputation for providing great deals and prices for domain transfers, tools, and services. Overall, their prices seem to remain just about as consistent as their customer service, which is a great thing and they have the customer database, modern resources, tools, and easy to use domain registrar to prove it.

If you’re looking to group your domains into folders all at once and enjoy other, customized features then is a great choice. They also prove email forwarding, domain redirection, and basic level DNS services.

How to choose a Catchy, SEO-friendly domain name for website

Choose the right domain name for affiliate niche website

After you’ve chosen the niche for your affiliate website, next step is to find and pick the perfect domain name for SEO and ranking in Seacrh Engines. As Google suggests: build not just a website, but a brand! So there several things to consider before you call your online business.


Long tail keyword domains

Is it a good idea to use long tail keyword domain (exact match domains or EMD’s) in 2016? It was popular to made mini-websites with main targeted keyword in domain a few years ago. This type of sites ranked much faster, easily to the top of the first page, but Google has reduced the ranking factor of having keywords in a domain name. Domain authority is the priority factor in ranking website in search engines nowadays.

Keyword domain vs branded domain

It’s important to include keyword in your domain, however you can use a brand name with just one keyword. Let’s look at examples from previous article:

For keyword: best cordless drill and cordless drills reviews you can see websites in the top of Google:,,,, Domains that are branded domains have better performance due to user experience. Visitors can remember your website address easily.

These domain names describe a scalable niche, which includes several sub-niches, with plenty of products reviews.

7 Important Criteria to Choose a Good Domain Name

1) What TLD to choose: .com, .org, .net or …? .com (commercial) top-level domain is the most recognized domain name. I use .com for all my websites, .net or .org are less effective.

2) Domains that are 2-3 words sound less spammy than 4 or 5 words.

3) Keep it short. It’s easier to remember Short URL.

4) Don’t use hyphens and numbers. Such domains look generic.

5) Be memorable. Examples:,,,

6) Don’t use existing Trademark in your domain name. A trademark owner could sue and take control over domain.

7) If your domain name is not available, pick an alternate TLD extention, or add prefix or suffix. Use domain name generator with 3500+ prefixes and suffixes, brand words vocabluary

Most of web hosting prodivers offer FREE domain name, when you sign up to hosting plan. One important thing I need to mention is Domain Privacy protection, I use it for all my domains, because it keeps all my personal infrormation off the Internet (name, address, phone number, e-mail).

Next step: choosing reliable web hosting provider

Dynadot domain registrar review coupon org tv com offer code 2017

Outside of it’s easy to use and understand Website builder with both premade and customizable website themes, provides extensive options and resources for domain registration.

With Marketplace Listings, Auctions, and Back-Order features, Dynadot is designed to optimize your domain registration experience.

Dynadot is rated as being one of the top providers thanks to it’s fast, easy to use interface for buying, selling, and bidding on domain names.


Dynadot is rated so well because it provides extremely prompt transfers-out, which is essential to gaining access to and building your website on your new domains and generating business.

As an added bonus Dynadot also has grace days for deletion in some cases of domain extensions which is a really nice, customer-oriented feature. Their support is top rated as well, and very responsive with any nature of inquiry.

Customers have reported that service is very informative, and the addition of a discussion board adds to it’s overall appeal and platform for communicating with fellow sellers and also it’s employees.

Dynadot provides an individual Account Manager to each customer, which is found to be very helpful and informative in the case of registering, transferring, and utilizing new domains.

DNS up-time is reportedly very consistent and in favor of customers and their businesses. Dynadot has been around for over 14 years, and is based out of California.

In most cases, customers can delete a domain within the first 5 days of purchase through a grace period, and hosting within the first two weeks, although not in the form of cash – only credit.

While Dynadot does offer web-hosting, their primary service feature is as a domain Registrar. With an overall easy to use system and consistent availability of desirable, popular domains this is definitely a good choice for affordable, sensible domain purchases. The swift transfer of domains is a valuable feature.

For those considering or seeking potentially re-released domains, Dynadot is a primal choice, and sales are swift.

From a website builder and web-hosting perspective, Dynadot is by no means undesirable. In fact, with it’s web-hosting plans it also provides a user-friendly website builder, and with the higher-rated plans social media integration is also available.

The fact that customers can reach Customer Service by live chat, email, phone, and forums says a lot about it’s commitment to providing service to it’s customers – however only during normal business days and hours.

Customers seeking to use Dynadot as a web-hosting service and website-builder will find that the variation in plans provides a drastically different experience, dependent upon which is selected. domain hosting reviews coupon promo code 2017, a company is an original, long-standing reputable online website and business development services provider in which specializes in a multitude of services ranging from E-Commerce to email-sharing and data sharing platforms, as well as domain registration, migration, and even website development. domain registration


Domain names: com, org, net, info, business, guru, company, club, expert, pet, club, army, audio, asia, best and other

Additionally, sets itself apart from the competition by offering a broad array of publishing and marketing services to drive increased traffic to your website or business, outside of SEO tactics, including email-marketing, leads, Facebook boosting, and even call-center or sales support through a feature called Call Center Plus.’s Call Center Plus solution makes it possible for you to receive leads, sales, and answer prospective as well as current customers’ requests, concerns, and other inquiries. This is an especially desirable feature and service, as it comes in the dynamic of 24/7 support and ensures you maximize your profits as well as business exposure in doing so. In fact, there is even a service in which you can obtain a virtual assistant or more than one—to aid in the continued development, management, and otherwise supervision of your site and business. hosting


3 hosting plans Unix and Windows: Essential, Professional, Premium

Register offers users the ability to build their own website and business from scratch, through using predesigned templates, or even customizing their own template and structure through 1 on 1 support and customization requests. Register tailor-fits website content and management features to maximize your profits and practicality of your site and business, while minimizing unnecessary costs both in the short term and long run.

Last but not least, whether you’re looking to browse, purchase, or sell domains individually or by the bulk, Register makes it a point to be most competitive in its pricing for domains. You are able to migrate your current domains into one another, manage, and upload data or changes to them directly from your control panel via root access and even from your mobile!

Is melbourne it safe, good registrar? Domain hosting reviews coupon 2017

MelbourneIT is a premier provider in both class and provisional developmental services to enhance, monitor, better manage, and build your website—whether it’s a smaller business or on the level of an ‘enterprise’ organization. domain registration

Domain names: com, org, net, info, biz, mobi, name, travel,, tv, us, ws and other webhosting plans


MelbourneIT focuses on providing its hosting services either via Cloud technology or through C-Panel hosting services. With 5GB to 50GB of Disk Space, 50 to 500 email accounts, and 10G to unlimited Data Transfer Limits there’s guaranteed to be a match for your small business, enterprise and website to increase the effectiveness, security, and proficiency of your business.

MelbourneIT’s provides hosting services with easy one-click installation features, increased malware and threat protection, along with PHP v5.2+, Perl/CGI and Python popular hosting capabilities and functionality. MelbourneIT goes above and beyond for its customers by even providing daily or hourly statistics representing your website(s) traffic, which of its organic, from where, and much other vital data that otherwise positively contributes to the marketing, profitability, and overall success of your business.

If you are seeking to add on, host, or create a website based on custom requirements, premade templates, or even a WordPress, MelbourneIT has the solutions for you! Ranging from custom, tailor-fit templates to premade ones, MelbourneIT supports a wide variety of social networking and publishing platforms as well as design-modules to support its customers and their business growth!

Specializing in E-Commerce and marketing, Melbourne IT lastly takes it a step further by providing enterprise level or smaller business sized email accounts for your business, safety, encryption and communication between you and your customers, as well as fellow employees—such as also utilizing Microsoft Office 365.

Last but not least, MelbourneIT makes application development and management simple—through their website add-ons, plugins, and platform features! In fact, most of the features and tools found through their site as a customer are easily accessible via a mobile device—for added convenience!