An Introduction to Hrank

A Bit About Hrank

Hrank is a hosting review company that monitors shared hosting providers. It has its very own rating system, which is based on research, analysis and experience in order to provide users with the best possible experience. Hrank does its best to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information. This is made possible since the company has access to TLDs from the most popular zones of the internet. Instead of offering tools for users to monitor their own website, Hrank provides visitors with as much hosting performance information as possible.

How Does Hrank get its Information for Readers?

The main purpose of this service is to monitor and collect data from shared servers and websites on a regular basis. The focus is on shared servers, which host up to a thousand websites each and approximately 98% of all web servers are covered. Software is used to analyze and aggregate data and receive information on each server’s uptime and response time. This information is gathered by Hrank’s bot. Contrary to what you may assume, the bot’s actions do not harm the websites it visits in any way. Hrank collects as much information about each hosting company as possible and then an honest review is compiled about each one. None of these reviews are sponsored by the hosting companies themselves. Information about the hosting company is taken into account, along with their support system and, of course, the cost.
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Business Hosting Provider: MilesWeb vs Godaddy?

Best business hosting provider
Let me ask you one thing before beginning the article, What you do mean by Business hosting? Generally, it is observed that most of the users are not aware of term web hosting itself. Therefore, I asked this question because business hosting is a different concept and interesting too for all types of business. In the market, there are two providers who offer business hosting at affordable price, but it is your duty to research before buying the service. If you are looking for business hosting to host your eCommerce website or any other type of website then you are at the right place, because I am going to highlight a comparison of these two business hosting providers:

1) MilesWeb

2) Godaddy

Before starting a comparison, let’s take a look on what is business hosting?

If you are looking to boost your website performance, then you must be thinking of getting another hosting solution like VPS, Cloud, Dedicated or Cheap Web Hosting India. As per my suggestion, you should consider business hosting for your website where you will get a server that assures superior performance. If you are looking for Cheap Web Hosting India, check MilesWeb hosting.

Now you must be thinking what is the difference between normal hosting and business hosting? To clear this confusion, I will highlight the best example of two bikes: Splender and Ducati. The names itself disclose the difference in performance of these two bikes. Let’s assume that you are using Splender on a daily basis and looking for the superior ride then you need to switch to Ducati to experience outstanding performance. In the same way, if you want to experience outstanding performance of the website then it’s important to consider business hosting.

Let’s start the comparison of the two providers:


MilesWeb, India’s Best Cloud Server Hosting provider offer all types of hosting solutions at a cheap price. In the same way, they have launched business hosting in the cloud, where you will get business hosting on cloud infrastructure starting from Rs. 1500/mo along with an attractive discount on it. Their features are as below:

Unlimited SSD web space and bandwidth:- If you are looking to host multiple websites along with unlimited SSD web space and bandwidth then this plan is the ultimate option.

Easy to use: It is easy to operate for a newbie as compared to other hosting solutions such as shared and VPS hosting.

Performance: If you are expecting good performance in terms of traffic and speed, then surely you can opt for this package.

On-demand backup and restore:- Due to growing competition, it is necessary to protect your data by taking backup instantly, therefore, MilesWeb offer an on-demand backup feature to restore your data.

DDoS Protection: In case, you are frequently receiving the DDoS attacks on your website then DDoS protection feature will help you to protect your website from these attacks.

Block visitors by country: In case, you don’t want users from a specific country and are not your target audience, then you can block such users by using this feature.

In addition, MilesWeb also offer these features:

1) Host one website

2) Standard SSL certificate

3) 99.95% uptime

4) 30 days money back guarantee

5) cPanel and 1 – click script installs

6) 24*7*365 expert tech support

7) Free website migration

Why choose MilesWeb Cloud-based business hosting?

1) Cloud infrastructure:

In cloud server, you will get the required resources for preserving the website resources that will get distributed over more than one server that actually act as one server and you can utilize them as per your requirement.

2) Cloud-based web security:

This feature helps you to protect your website from various hacking activities by monitoring the server on a regular basis. However, you can take back up as per your requirement.

3) Email spam protection:

Using this feature, you can secure your email account, however, this will scan your incoming emails. In short, your incoming emails remain safe from spam, viruses and other email attacks.


Yet another leading web hosting provider in India, Godaddy offers domain and other hosting solutions to all types of business. Similarly, they offer four plans in their business hosting starting from Launch Rs. 1919/mo and followed by Enhance, Grow and Expand. Their plan includes features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website hosting and creating multiple databases, etc. If you compare with MilesWeb then you will notice that they lack behind in terms of features such as website back up in cloud infrastructure, cloud-based web security, Email spam protection, block visitors by country, website security report, DDoS protection, On-demand backup and restore, etc. If we talk about pricing then you consider MilesWeb as they offer multiple features at an affordable cost as compared to Godaddy.


In this post, you must have got a clear idea of how both the providers are different from each other in terms of price and feature. As per my opinion, MilesWeb is superior as compared to Godaddy as they offer better features that will help the eCommerce, high traffic or newly started website to establish online successfully.

Best most stable non-EIG hosting providers list 2019

What are some of the top Non-EIG hosting companies 2018-2019? Best stable shared hosting for WordPress, Joomla, shared hosting for medium and high traffic websites.


After Hostgator April 2014 network outages, I decided to move my websites to more reliable hosting. I found in Google many “Top 10 web hosting companies” websites. Most of these sites are based on affiliate payouts, they simply list the companies that pay the higest commissions. They promote EIG (Endurance International Group) brands.

EIG corporation acquired a large number of web hosting companies: Hostgator, BlueHost, iPage, JustHost, FatCow, Arvixe, IPOWER, NetFirms, PowWeb, HostMonster, Hostnine, Homestead, StartLogic, SEO Hosting, Intuit Websites and other companies. Since they are bought by EIG, their service decrease. A lot of people complain about slow servers, email issues, poor customer service (outsourced to India).

Determining what the best hosting company is for an enterprise size business, in comparison to a medium, or even smaller sized business can make a big difference in the most preferred or ideal web hosting provider.

When considering the best hosting company for you and your business or product, consider the available bandwidth, cloud-storage capabilities, and total available data per plan. More importantly, research whether or not the hosting servers you’re interested in are physically based, and where (as it’s significant for connection purpose), and also how many companies or websites each server hosts – for optimizing or maintaining desirable speed for your website or business.

I did research, read reviews on Webhostingtalk forum and other popular webhosting forums to find best non-EIG hosting brands.

These hosting companies offer budget shared hosting plans are perfect for niche sites, personal blogs, portfolio websites.

Top 3 EIG hosting alternatives

1) Mddhosting – MDDHosting is not only a desirable resource for web-hosting, but it also provides various domain and website certification, support, add-on installations, and a user-friendly control panel.

Domain registration and transfer are made easy with MDDHosting, as it’s staff do the majority, if not all of the work for you. Need to get an SSL certification or updates? Then MDDHosting is the perfect solution. With both a community forums and knowledge base it’s evident that MDDHosting is very proactive and hands-on with it’s customers, going above and beyond to receive and act on feedback, troubleshoot, and stimulate member to member developmental goals, discussions, and requests to MDD’s staff directly.

MDD Hosting maximizes it’s services, up-time, and maintenance by utilizing Xeon Quad Core Processors on a 24 G RAM minimum, and are based out of Denver, Colorado.

Mddhosting official website

Mddhosting review and 50% off coupon code

2) Stablehost provides several hosting plans: Shared (Starter and Pro: easy WordPress, Joomla and other CMSs installation), Enterprise platinum plan for busy websites (Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, double CPU resources, 2 GB/S DDOS protection) VPS Hosting plans (RAM: 1024-4096MB, 1-4 CPU Cores, 40-100 GB Disk Space, 2-4TB 1000Mbit). There are three location of their servers to choose from: Phoenix, Chicago and Amsterdam. They use high Quality Equipment: SSD drives, 36G of memory and dual CPUs, what guarantees that you website loads fast.

Stablehost official website

Stablehost reviews and coupon codes

3) Siteground – Siteground stands apart from fellow-hosting competition as it has a very easy to use, easy on the eyes layout. It’s apparent that SiteGround provides a desirable variety of services, from Joomla to WordPress services. While it’s valuable and primarily recognized as a web-hosting provider, the fact that it goes above and beyond to advance, modify, and strengthen the presence or quality of one’s website (through various tools and add-ons) is all the more relevant and valuable. Aside from Phone and Chat Support, Siteground also has a ticket-query system, which is both effective, as well an informative and modern way of addressing customer queries or requests.

Site Ground provides stable web-hosting technology through both cloud-based servers, as well as hosting servers throughout more than three different continents and countries: including Chicago, USA, London, UK, and Singapore.

Siteground official website

Siteground reviews and coupon code hosting domain reviews opinions coupon 20 off code UK

TsoHost truly maximizes on various tools, hosting-methods, modules, and services to optimize your website, hosting, and server experience.

TsoHost provides multiple tools for registering domains, WHOIS protection, transfers, and more. Bulk ordering to .london domains, TsoHost specializes in ensuring there is a domain registration or movement service for nearly any type and size business or website.

Not only does TsoHost provide reseller, cloud, and VPS server hosting, but it also specializes in the creation and management of PrestaShop, Joomla, WordPress, Ghost hosting, forum hosting (think Vbulletin), and more. Shared, VPS, Dedicated servers, Reseller hosting plans, Website builder, domain name registration coupon 10, 20% off discount promo codes 2017, special offers:

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Customizing your website or businesses appearance is made easy with TsoHost. Whether you elect to utilize one of the various pre-made templates, all the way to the website creator and designer tool, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for you and the future appearance of your website and business.

From firewalls, server migration, to SSL certificates; TsoHost has gone above and beyond in the past more than 10 years to really maximize customer and consumer needs, ensuring not only the ultimate design and data-storage technology, but also security and protection.


Like most of its servers, TsoHost utilizes Xenon single and dual-core technology, HDD storage ranging from 400 to 6000GB, 700MB all the way to 8GB of RAM. All Linux-VPS based managed servers include daily free back-ups and migration at any time, truly optimizing your experience, security, and protection.

Using PHP, Perl, Ruby, and more; all programming languages are available for you to use, and add to the diversity of both your website and it’s management—and security. With 1-click installs and 24/7/365 customer service using TsoHost for your business and website needs is definitely a step in the right direction.

Whether you use cloud, dedicated, or shared and managed servers for your site, speed is guaranteed and increased up-time as well as flexibility are a must-have for any of TsoHost’s plans.

TsoHost is leading the way into the future by using the most reputable, modernized cloud-based web hosting technology, including tons of 1-click apps, hybrid hosting, and more. TsoHost has four various plans for cloud hosting, allowing you to customize web space ranging from 500MB to a whopping 100GB. Bandwidth is easily customized, and is available in 5GB to 1000Gb space-format. Every plan comes with MySQL Database technology, ranging from 3, to 5, all the way up to unlimited databases dependent upon the plan you select. shared VPS Dedicated reviews coupon 0.01 code 2017 is a web-hosting and server-plan service that specializes in the installment and utilization of various website and business features ranging from WordPress to VPS, to shared web-hosting accounts. Is VPS, Dedicated Server good? Read user reviews about uptime, speed, customer service.

With unlimited disk space and free migration, customers that run their business or sub-compliment such with a WordPress will easily enjoy the various features of Interserver such as direct migration, one-click control, and speed-optimization. Shared, VPS, Dedicated servers, Cloud, Reseller, hosting plans, domain registration coupon 1 cent, 50% off discount promo codes 2017, special offers:

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For those seeking to acquire and utilize a VPS for their website or business will find Interserver’s dedicated platform and cPanel controls to be of premium grade quality and performance. Features like instant activation, 1GB RAM, and 25GB Storage really puts it at the top of leading competition for accessibility and space-worthy features.


Interserver uses dedicated servers for it’s customers powered by Intel Dual-Core technology, 1GB of memory, and 250GB hard-drives so that storing, uploading, and maintaining data is a cinch. With a hardware replacement guarantee, guaranteed uptime, and top-quality customer service Interserver is definitely optimal for those seeking to get the most quality and benefits from their website-hosting and server experience.

Interserver provides Cloud Hosting technology utilizing either or Windows or Linux OS technology. With up to 1TB of data-transfer, 1000MB of memory and core technology its cloud services are reinforced by top, premium grade level technologies and hosting services. Using cloud technology is a flexible, mobile, and reliable approach to anyone serious about backing up, storing, and accessing their website or business data online from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based storage and technology provided by Interserver is very unique, as it provides multi-language servers, backups and snapshot features, instant provisioning, and root-access allowing customers to completely access, control, customize, and optimize their cloud-based data storage and website interfaces or details.

From ‘quick-servers’ to VPS, Interserver is well-reputed and desirable because it relies on local and long-distance reliable hosting locations and technologies.

From Los Angeles to Houston Texas, to Hong Kong China all the way back to London, United Kingdom, Interserver relies on the most optimal locations of servers to guarantee uptime, accessibility, and flexibility. All shared, VPS, and personal hosting modules are controlled, modified, and stored through these various server locations—powered by 24/7 support and professional advisory services to truly optimize, control, and troubleshoot any and all of your website or business needs.

Customers love and remain loyal to Interserver web-hosting and access technologies because it’s built-in with the capability to access, run, and troubleshoot your website and data from a wide range of various operating systems—from Linux to Windows, Suse, Ubuntu, CentOS, and more.

BigCommerce user reviews and coupon promo code 2017

BigCommerce sets itself apart from the competition by truly providing a personalized, tailor-fit experience to website and business owners.

Starting with graphics design and installment, BigCommerce has professionals and specialists to utilize HTML to CSS technologies to really create a personalized website, layout, and feel for you and your business. While BigCommerce has various tools to customize your own website template and make changes directly through it’s customized control-panel, various features are available for business owners to directly request a specialized website layout, frame, and or template.

BigCommerce draws a heavy focus on security when it comes to website, server, and platform sharing and protection. From DDOS protection, to automatic fraud detection BigCommerce goes above and beyond to protect the security of your website, business, and data. coupon discount promo codes 2017, special offers:

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With guaranteed uptimes and data management, BigCommerce is a great solution for monetizing your site, providing consistently quick access, and an overall user-friendly experience for both you and your customers.

With Level 1 PCI compliance (DSS 3.0), customers and your business are secured when it comes to money (credit card) transactions, so customers can shop at ease and you can rest assured that your businesses reputation won’t be infringed due to any form of data-breaches.

BigCommerce is notorious for optimizing your small or enterprise-level business, by featuring SEO-worthy content and features included with each page, emailing tools, networking, marketing strategies and more.

BigCommerce definitely sets the competition apart, by providing a social-media platform-worthy purchasing platform—such as via Twitter and Facebook. This is a newer feature, and most web-hosting and server services do not offer such a service for your website and business.

To take your website and business to the next level, BigCommerce also offers specialized account management features—which essentially is your very own personalized account or website manager, who will go the extra mile to optimize and reinforce business, sales, and stability to your website or business.
BigCommerce really goes above and beyond to attract and retain customers to your website and business. From an abandoned cart-saver, to coupons and discounting, BigCommerce even includes a faceted search to truly optimize your customer’s experience—and keep them coming back for more.

From advanced shipping options and features, to analytics, BigCommerce maintains accessibility with common and popular applications, making migration and application of various platforms and operation systems all the more practical for all of your business needs.


Hawkhost reviews lifetime coupon 30 40 50 off promo code 2017

HawkHost is known around the globe due to it’s quality-shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, VPS, and certificate transfer and installment services that have been keeping websites up and running 99.9% of the time guaranteed by their SLA since 2004.

HawkHost has solid semi-dedicated hosting each including the power of 2 full CPU’s, SSD technology, and 2GB of memory. With unlimited bandwidth and (free) memcached services you can be rest assured that all of your, and your customer data is secure, backed-up, and consistently available at your finger-tips. Shared, Semi-dedicated, VPS, Reseller hosting plans coupon discount promo codes 2017:

Click here to get HawkHost hosting coupon discount codes
HawkHost offers very competitive VPS Hosting services, ranging from over 1000MB of shared CPU, all the way to nearly 4100MB of equal shared CPU memory. All plans are powered with SSD technology, and bandwidtch is available from 750GB all the way to 1250GB. Whether your website or business requires 30GB of space, or 50GB, there’s a plan for you.


HawkHost offers domain-registration services, transfers, and even corresponding email accounts so that you can truly optimize the professional appearance and functionality of your website or business. Connecting all of your domains and accessing them in one place is made easy with HawkHost.

With 24/7/365 support from Domain and web-hosting professionals, your data, business, and experience are constantly guaranteed to be fully accessible, leaving the ability to troubleshoot or optimize your websites appearance at any given time.

HawkHost has 3 different reseller-hosting plans, each installed with cPanel and WHM access. Whether you require 50 or 200 cPanel accounts, HawkHost has a wide range of various membership and account services. Assigning a dedicated IP, caching all of your server’s data, and a WHMCS license are available with most plans, taking all the sting and work out of website hosting and management out of the equation for you.

Customers love HawkHost because it offers various, sophisticated programming and database features, allowing unlimited MySQL databases, PHP accessibility and support, and the ability to utilize Perl, Ruby on Rails, or Python programming technology. With a Free SSL certificate program, customers can be rest assured that their website and business are up to par with all of the necessary features and accreditation to be up and running in no time.

Customers access their reseller-accounts with total-control through the WHM control panel, which allows overselling and full branding to your website and business. Creating, managing, and terminating accounts are made easy, so you save vital time that can otherwise be spent with your valued customers and maintaining the details and features of your business.