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GlowHost has been providing Grade A web-hosting and server services since 2002, maintains a strong reputation, and services a multitude of Fortune 500, charity, and global corporations from start-ups to internationally known organizations.

Utilizing Cloud-Linux technology, GlowHosting offers various shared web-hosting plans, all included with the infamous cPanel feature to really tighten up and adjust any necessary changes to your website, it’s hosting dynamic, and the ways in which your customers view and use your website or business.

The majority of shared web-hosting plans provided by GlowHost include unlimited disk-space and monthly data transfer. Each shared web-hosting plan also includes a free McAfee Secure and Site Seal for all of your security and protection needs of your, as well as your customer’s vital information.

GlowHost takes it the next level by including WordPress and other helpful apps to customize your website and really reach your customers. To top it all off, Free SEO Tools are included, as well as CloudFlare with Railgun with each and every shared web-hosting plan. A free COMODO SSL Certificate is also provided, and a dedicated IP address is optional with its more premium shared web-hosting plans.
Should customers seek a smaller-business hosting solution GlowHost also has available semi-dedicated and cloud-hosting servers available. Both of these options include fully managed features, and are accessible via jail-shell and root control. All semi-dedicated servers are guaranteed to host 30 sites or less, which really adds optimization and speed for any serious business or website owner.


Dedicated-Server technologies provided by GlowHost all utilize Intel processor technology and range from 8-32GB of RAM. Using HDD and terabyte technology GlowHost also has available dual-core technology for dedicated service demands.

Customers are especially pleased with GlowHost customer features and website plans because GlowHost has taken the time to customize plans for any caliber website, and offers unique combination plans unlike other web-hosting and server providers.

GlowHost offers PCI-compliant servers, and some packages even include additional software and features such as a Free Customer Billing System. Both fully managed and unmanaged servers and web hosting services are available to customers, again reinforcing a nearly totally customized, professional, and reliable web-hosting and access experience.

With automatic security-updates and data—and certificate—migration services GlowHost really sets itself apart from the competition.
GlowHost lastly provides a quality interface and system for customers to utilize reseller web-hosting options, ranging from 50-200GB of disk space, and an up to 1400GB of monthly transferable data maximum.

Easyspace web hosting reviews coupon promo code 2017 UK US EU

Customers choose EasySpace for its many unique, in-demand, and quality services provided, ranging from Web Hosting to Virtual Private Networks.

EasySpace stands apart from the competition by offering 24/7 Customer service and constant monitoring of all of your virtual assets. To add to their unique services, EasySpace also provides a host of various Control Panel features to quickly and easily manage your website properties, make changes, and directly upload them at the click of a button.

EasySpace offers standard, consistently reliable virtual-servers located all throughout the UK—10 to be exact. Whether you require 2GB RAM, or 1024MB, there’s a custom plan with your needs in mind. All VPS service-plans include 24/7 support, and have burstable memory features available. EasySpace allows users to run their VPS on a multitude of operating systems, from Linux to Windows, and even CentOS 6. With UNLIMITED bandwidth website and business owners enjoy the luxury of constant up-time and a reinforced platform guaranteed to draw and maintain business without hardships of connectivity or a slow connection to their site.

EasySpace has great selections for Web-Hosting, ranging from 10GB, to 50GB, all the way up to unlimited storage and bandwidth, dependent upon the service plan you choose. With 5-10 databases (or unlimited), up to 200 mailboxes, and an Apache environment users or customers experience a quality, Apache environment for their web-hosting needs and can always enjoy the featurability of using either Linux or Windows for all their web-hosting activities. As a bonus, Back Up & Restore features are included with each web-hosting plan which really ensures all of your data, customer details, and website properties are always protected and available should the event arise that such data needs to be restored.

EasySpace specializes in Dedicated Servers, as well as Office 365, and even cloud-based data hosting. For your dedicated server needs EasySpace utilizes reliable, modern, and fast dual and Quad Core technology, dependent upon the plan you choose. Whatever your RAM requirements are, through their 3 various plans you can invest anywhere form 8GB of RAM all the way up to 256GB. Using TB Disks, SATA, and SSD technology HDD can be a part of the past, or you can combine these various technologies to be tailor made to all of your dedicated server, and website-hosting needs.

Should your website or business require SSL certification, troubleshooting, support, or creation EasySpace has got you covered. To top it all off, as mentioned earlier, EasySpace has state of the art cloud-hosting technology and is powered by 1 to 4vCPU’s. With unlimited bandwidth and modifiable RAM, EasySpace is certainly a service worth considering for anyone serious about getting the most out of their business or website.

Dreamhost hosting user reviews first year special price coupon code 2017 free domains

Dreamhost primarly provides servers and web-hosting services for WordPress based websites. Each of every DreamHost plan includes the usage of SSD technology, ensuring swift, convenient, and efficient data-transfers between your control panel and websites or business. Is Dreamhost good, legit hosting company? Slow or fast? Read hosting plans domain registration user reviews about uptime, customer service


Dreamhost’s Shared Hosting plans come with a free domain name, and allow you to host as many domains as you need without limits – and include unlimited storage and bandwidth. Each of these plans are backed with 24/7 customer service, and prides itself on 365 available representatives for all of your website and WordPress needs.

Creating and maintaining a WordPress or multiple WordPress sites is made easy through Dreamhost, which provides constant updates and back-ups automatically to all it’s customers.

While Dreamhost’s main focus is on WordPress sites, it also providers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers for other types of websites and businesses.

Depending on your RAM needs, VPS servers can be scaled up to 8GB of RAM, while Dedicated Servers can be customized to run between 4 and 54GB of RAM. Dedicate Servers provide higher storage limits – up to as much as 2TB. VPS services only go up to 240GB, although it uses SSD technology for storage – which is a huge plus.

For those using VPS, a custom-built control panel is available, and is based on Ubutun 12.04 LTS. Dedicated Servers provide direct access and control via Full Root and Shell Access (SSH), as well as a Web-Based, easy to use control panel.

One-Click Install features for WordPress, plugins, and any theme you choose increases Dreamhost’s overall likeability rating.


Dreamhost protects your website, business, and data by hitting security from two angles. Firstly, CloudFlare Integration cache’s content and filter’s malicious traffic before it hits your server, deterring many common attacks or efforts to hack your website or WordPress. Each Web-Hosting plan also includes Automated Malware scans using cutting-edge technology. Relying on remediation tools, Dreamhost relies on the StopTheHacker tool to prevent and track any unwanted attempts to DDos or overflow your website with inorganic traffic, bots, and spammers.

To top it all off Dreamhost guarantees your web-hosting experience in the form of a guarantee of a 1 day full reimbursement credit for any hour your website and business is ever down at their expense.

Dreamhost’s customized control panels are simple to use and understand, and each rely on simple-to-learn HTML commands.

If you’re seeking a profitable, quality experience in hosting WordPress or other business website’s, then Dreamhost is the ultimate solution. hosting plans: Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS Dedicated server, WordPress, free domain name registration 50% off coupon discount promo code 2017, first year discount offer:

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Futurehosting VPS dedicated server reviews coupon promo code 2017

Future Hosting provides many of the common private-server hosting services, business hosting, platforms and VPS solutions that can be found across the internet. However, the added benefits of using Future Hosting is their modernized Future Protect feature in which this website and service provider constantly maintains, upgrades, and monitors your server’s status, protection, lapses, lags, and any other inconveniences—constantly working to ensure you are experiencing non-stop uptime and can focus on your business development, not server troubleshooting or maintenance. Is good, slow or fast hosting? Read customer reviews about speed, uptime, support, problems

Futurehosting Managed VPS


6 managed VPS hosting plans. Web Hosting Control Panel: InterWorx or cPanel, 24/7/365 Customer Support

Futurehosting Dedicated hosting review


CentOS 6 with cPanel or InterWorx, Full Root Access, 24/7/365 Customer Support

With 5 Dedicated Servers across the globe, ranging from Australia to Miami Florida, Future Hosting undoubtedly goes above and beyond to ensure you have flawless speed and connectivity, between your business platform, employees, and of course prospective and current customers. Future Hosting also has physical servers located in London and Amsterdam for added convenience and sustainability.

In addition to private server and hosting services, Future Hosting also provides services for “unmanaged” hosting or servers to alleviate added-cost that’s perhaps out of your budget, or just simply not what you’re seeking—as plenty of companies have their own IT department or specialists to handle such maintenance and monitoring.

Future Hosting provides physical servers and hardware based on Xeon processor technology, equipped with 16-32 CPU cores, RAID 6 Drives, and 64GB of RAM. This allows great diversity in data storage, sharing, and maintenance, dependent upon what the best fit is for your personal website, business, or enterprise.
Unlike many other hosting and server service providers on the Internet, Future Hosting takes it a step further by also providing JAVA VPS Hosting, and even integration, migration, and monitoring to maintenance services for installing or utilizing SAAS Hosting.

One very valuable and unique service that separates Future Hosting from much of the competition is its SSL certificate service. This is very desirable for serious business and website owners, saves the customer time in upkeep management of their certifications, and allows them to redirect that energy and attention to sales, marketing, and management of their personnel and business instead.

Futurehosting VPS, Dedicated server hosting plans, services coupon discount promo code 2017:

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Utilizing Tier-1 Bandwith providers, having their own not only physical servers and equipment, LiquidWeb owns, physically monitors, manages and troubleshoots its multiple locations throughout the United States. Is liquid web a good, reliable hosting? Read cutomer reviews about uptime, speed, problems

LiquidWeb has been in business since 1997, and provides one of the largest hosting services, servers, cloud computing, SSL certificate, Mail Hosting, and Log Managing services that the Internet has available to-date. In fact, LiquidWeb is in charge of providing server, hosting, and other cyber management and communication services to some of the biggest American, and Global corporations in the world, including: Symantec, Xerox, Audi, Fila, Ducati, Toshiba, Motorola, and even ESPN!

LiquidWeb stands on the reliability and transition of utilizing hosting and server service plans through IPv6 technology—also known as 128 Bit, for extended IP Addresses utilized in hosting, servers, and even cloud computing! Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated server hosting plans: coupon discount promo code 2017:

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LiquidWeb stands out in that it even provides reliable support for mobile devices, in lieu with your server, website hosting, cloud computing, and email platform services.

Liquidweb shared hosting review

4 shared hosting plans: SSD Storage: 5-40GB, cPanel Control Panel, Unlimited Email Accounts, SSH, Nightly Backups,

Liquidweb VPS hosting review


10 VPS hosting plans:RAID Protected SSD VPS, cPanel, 5 TB Outgoing Bandwidth, Storm® Operating Platform, Storm® Firewall,

Liquidweb Dedicated server hosting review


8 Dedicated Server plans: Single Processor/Dual ProcessorFully Managed, Core Managed, Self Managed. 4 OS: CentOS, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, Windows

From Arizona to Michigan, LiquidWeb has expanded its live and physical data-centers, under its personalized ownership, and has a staff compiled of Red Hat certified, IT support specialists, engineers and technicians that suit the needs, monitoring, supervising, management, and even working 1 on 1 with its customers to make the process all the more simple—allowing you to refocus your responsibilities on business growth, while LiquidWeb covers the sustainability of your webhosting or server needs.

Liquid Web provides both high-speed single and dual processor servers, all equipped with a 1TB back-up drive or more—always ensuring accountability and the protection of all of your valuable, though encrypted, data, correspondences, and important webhosting and business details.

Utilizing Intel processors ranging from 4 all the way to 12 cores, the various plans ranging from “basic” to advanced or “Premium” are reinforced with reputable technology, modern protective security measures, and plans ranging from 16G to 64GB RAM (DDR) for all of your data needs!

With Sonar Monitoring technology, 100% guaranteed uptime, and RAID primary drive technology, Liquid Web definitely packs a punch and provides the most bang for your buck for anyone serious about creating, maintaining, updating, or monitoring through a third party reputable company their website, business, creating correspondence databases or platforms such as virtually linked e-mail systems, and more.

Knownhost VPS Dedicated reviews opinions lifetime coupon offer code 2017


KnownHost has been providing private server, VPS and SSD VPS hosting plans since 2005. KnownHost provides not only a wide range of modern technology, but manually builds, maintains, and upgrades its hardware and software based on Linux OS. Additionally, KnownHost offers the ability to have your server technology custom-tailored to your performance or accessibility requirements and expectations through their various plans. Is a good and reliable hosting? Read customer reivews about webhosting plans, speed, uptime, problems

With hundreds of servers located throughout the United States, from the West Coast, to the South Central database and server center in Texas, all the way to the East Coast; they’re guaranteed to provide you with consistently satisfying, high performance, and quality supported technology, uptime, server, and hosting services.

KnownHost provides accessibility in not only controlling, maintaining, and updating your custom server and hosting technology, but also provides bandwidth speeds and storage capacities guaranteed to fit the size of your business demands. VPS, VPS SSD, Dedicated server hosting plans: coupon discount promo code 2017:

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VPS hosting review

7 VPS hosting plans with 2 IP Addresses, Unlimited Domains, Full Root Access, Free Backups, 24/7/365 Support. 16+ CPU’s, Guaranteed RAM: 1-8 GB, RAID-10 Disk storage: 25-180 GB, Premium Bandwidth: 3000-17000 GB

Dedicated server hosting review


4 Managed Dedicated server plans: unlimited domain names, cPanel + Softaculous, 100Mbps Full Duplex , 24/7/365 support. Servers location: Central US (TX) datacenter

Starting at even the “lowest” or most affordable plan, KnownHost utilizes I-7 technology and provides at a minimum 11,000 GB bandwidth for your private server or business hosting needs. Utilizing both HDD-1 and HDD-2 technology, KnownHost goes above and beyond to ensure that nearly every plan they provide SATA II memory storage and accessibility for your business and employee needs.

Customers of KnownHost experience a guaranteed uptime upwards of 99%, and even offers both offsite and onsite troubleshooting, management, and free upgrades!

Small to large business owners enjoy using KnownHost for its hosting needs as it provides a user-friendly cPanel accompanied by Softaculous for each server it has available.

With completely convenient server and hosting control through 1-click installers and a 100Mbps Full Duplex network port combining full-root access, users have the luxury and convenience of accessing any and every elemental variable of their website, server, hosting, email exchange, and data storage of sharing technology.

Given KnownHost’s services to provide you with unlimited domains, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a custom-built server this is hands down one of the most reputable, reliable, and well (professionally) organized domain service and hosting provider services available today.

Is Yahoo hosting provider good? Aabaco reviews rates issues coupon code 2017

Yahoo! is a well-known, ‘old school’ free email and instant messaging web service that has been around for nearly two decades. Is aabaco webhosting good? Read customer reviews about domain name registration, hosting plans

Aabaco (Yahoo) domain registration

Yahoo offers registration domain names: com, net, org, info, biz, us and other.

Get free domain name, when you purchase Business Email, Web Hosting or Ecommerce.

You can easily transfer your domain name from current domain registrar to Yahoo using authorization code. There’s option Private Domain Registration, to hide your registration information.

Aabaco (Yahoo) webhosting

Yahoo! actually provides small-business website hosting, once originally on their own platform, although now administered and managed by Aabaco Hosting Services.

Recently upgrading from POP Servers to Support SSL hosting, Yahoo! was arguably making good-faith efforts to advance the technology it uses and the services it provides its users and their businesses with the online platform, hosting control panel, and email interchange system provided along with each account—making it easy to create to 5 or more at a time if necessary for one user.

While Yahoo! originally provided it’s hosting services based on guaranteed up-time, customer support, modern technology, pop servers, and a smooth FTP system (users and business owners also complain of lagging or improperly functioning FTP servers and control panel usage), it seems through recent reviews of their transition to using Aabaco Hosting Services that a lot of headaches and customer dissatisfaction has arose. Unfortunately, as of most recently, it seems the majority of their feedback as a hosting service provider seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

Yahoo! (Aabaco) Hosting Services and their servers reportedly have been experiencing days of downtime on a fairly frequent basis—which is understandably extremely undesirable and inconvenient for their customers.

Unfortunately, for customers and consumers that have been utilizing Yahoo! based web-hosting services, the data, platform, and system in which Yahoo! uniquely provided is non-transferable to other hosting service providers with ease—so many small business owners are very upset and eager to do away with and even propose ditching their current website and all of their hard work accumulated over the years just for the sake of obtaining a new web hosting service provider.

Yahoo! (Aabaco) Hosting Services is apparently using a completely different customer service system and personnel—potentially ‘outsourcing’ and users or small business owners have been continuously complaining about the new management and personnel’s seemingly lack of experience, knowledge, or care in providing quality website hosting services.