Is arvixe a good host? Shared VPS dedicated reviews opinions 2017

If users or businesses are seeking the capabilities to not only gain hosting for their websites, such as WordPress for example, but even benefit and utilize the ability to sell hosting services, than Arvixe is an optimal choice! Is arvixe a good host? Slow of fast? Read good and bad customer reviews about hosting plans: personal class, business class, VPS, Dedicated, uptime, speed, performance, problems.

Diversity in Class

Arvixe is unique in the services it provides as it offers its customers and their business the ability to not only host a server using Linux, but even Windows—so while two options are offered, each hosting plan is then strengthened with various CPU cores and dedicated memory options.

From 150GB to 300GB of Dedicated Disk Space (DDS), any company—no matter how big or small—can rest assured that there will always be space for additional data, platforms, and even cloud data sharing and communication services.

Accountability and Style

Arvixe hosting plans and VPS, as well Cloud server services are all backed by a 60-day guarantee, which is unusually lengthy and really gives its customers and their businesses a sense of added security, support, and accountability when using a service provider such as this.

Ranging from management, to email, development and statistics, Arvixe goes above and beyond to offer both personal and business hosting plans tailored to a broad dynamic of different types of consumers and prospective businesses—no matter what stage of development or growth they’re in.

With server alerts, a modern query system, and a discussion board it’s evident that Arvixe stands behind its products and takes pride in the features it offers, hosts, and manages for you and your business.

Added Features

Unlike many hosting website service providers, Arvixe surprisingly also specializes in providing CMS hosting, such as seen with Joomla or Concrete5, and even provides video sharing hosting-technology.

Even more impressively, Arvixe adds to its wide selection of services and providers by hosting, managing, and providing direct technical support for business owners that seek the benefits of hosting and having their own discussion board on their website with their brand—with some of the most popular platforms available such as Vbulletin.


Is Eurovps any good? Review coupon promo code 2017

EuroVPS is a virtual private networking service (VPS) provider, hosting service for both private and business use, and a reliable migration service provider that specializes in meeting major and small business needs. Even more impressively, this company provides services to migrate servers and databases intertwined or transferred between various operating systems—such as seen with Linux or Windows. Is web hosting any good? Read customer reviews about web hosting plans, uptime, customer service.

EuroVPS has been providing hosting and VPS services for over 10 years, has great and very credible references, resources for its customers, and a modernized customer service and query system that provides extra support and assurance that it’s users won’t go without service or experience unruly server ‘downtime’. In fact, EuroVPS prides itself on having upwards of 99.97%+ uptime. hosting coupon discount promo code 2017:

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With services ranging from server management and hosting services, EuroVPS ensures that all of its data, information, and users are constantly protected by relying on Red-Hat trained and certified professionals, experienced technicians, and specialists that constantly supervise around the clock the servers, any errors or lag, and constantly updates as necessary so that customers get the most out of their experience and investment.

Eurovps shared hosting plans

Shared Basic Plan: SSD Storage: 5GB, 5 Domains, Bandwidth: 250GB, Virtual Memory: 256MB

Shared Pro Plan: SSD Storage: 10GB, 10 Domains, Bandwidth: 500GB, Virtual Memory: 512MB

Eurovps Cloud VPS hosting plans


Four Cloud VPS plans. Monthly payment or yearly (2 month free discount)

Sophistication and Tangibility

Since EuroVPS relies on the utilization of 14 network carriers, it manages and provides a consistently high performance network speed to its users, averaging a speed of 37Gbps of network capacity (based out of a major Amsterdam Networking data-hub).

Name and prices are not everything, so it’s worth considering the specific beneficial dynamic services that EuroVPS provides when considering how they might apply directly to your business.

With reseller hosting and even cloud hosting services, it’s obvious that EuroVPS has been around for a while, utilizes modern technology, and strives to provide the most dynamic tools and resources to its customers for an all-around quality VPS, data sharing, and hosting experience.

EuropVPS prides itself on its ability to provide its customers with various levels of server care, maintenance, and management. Ranging from hardware and software support, to upgrades—and database monitoring—all the way to server migration and data-access troubleshooting, updating, and monitoring tips through live assistance. From HAProxy Load Balancing and Clustering to Perl and Python Devops Consulting, no project seems too big or small for EuroVPS.

Is iweb any good? Reviews coupon promo code 2017

IWeb specializes in providing a variety of server, hosting, and website management services. IWeb also creates and provides data sharing platforms to customers and their business using only the newest technology in hardware, processors, and bandwidth speeds currently available for servers.Is iweb hosting good? Read customer reviews

IWeb has its primary dedicated servers located in Montreal, Canada, using ecofriendly temperature control, management, and electricity input to output. To add to quality, IWeb has a multitude of both back up power generators as well as back up hard drives with incredibly rapid speed to secure, backup, maintain, troubleshoot, and share your data between your business and employees on a consistent 24/7 basis. dedicated servers

With IWeb’s dedicated servers and server clusters, it ensures that a higher level of performance and control is provided to its customers using only the most innovative technology, matching and sharing data algorithms and encrypted protection to ensure the safety and accountability of your businesses personal data, servers, and hosting—regardless of which hosting server location you decide to use, as they have at least 5 different reputable locations in which they run hosting servers out of.

IWeb offers its customers flexibility in its plans to launch, migrate, upgrade, and enhance its hosting services on a regular basis. From database sharing and platforms, to providing Cloud interface hosting, IWeb is sure to have a custom-tailored fit for your business or businesses.

To top it all off, IWeb also promotes the usage of VOIP and streaming to maintain consistent, reliable contact with your business personnel and customers.

With free installs, dedicated support, and a rock solid network of dedicated servers, you can rest assured that your business will be maintained, migrated, and utilized with only the most modern, practical technology to ensure the most bang for your buck! In fact, IWeb offers free installs, specializes in both hardware and software maintenance and management, and has a very well structured system for customer service, maintenance, monitoring, and request or query for support—and even includes a private forum for its users to discuss, make recommendations, and troubleshoot their hosting services if and when necessary!

Whether you seek 3 to 9, or 40 or more servers, IWeb has various plans using the most modern and efficient CPU and open source Cloud hosting for you! With guaranteed hardware, a 30-day money back guarantee plan, and guaranteed rock-solid SLA!

Is lunarpages a good host? Reviews problems coupon promo code 2017

Lunarpages is arguably one of the most well-built, established, and wide-variety website and server hosting provider available on the internet.

Lunarpages offers various forms of hosting, from private, to shared, to corporate level and capacity hosting: Basic Linux Web Hosting, Basic Windows Web Hosting, Starter Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Webmaster Reseller Web Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting, Scalable Cloud Hosting. webhosting coupon discount promo code 2017:

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Lunarpages not only has Enterprise Hosting Solutions, but even provides cloud-based data sharing and systems to websites and business owners. Is lunarpages a good host? Read customer reviews about hosting plans, uptime, customer service.


Advanced Technology

Through the usage of private and scalable cloud technology, Lunarpages offers small businesses to corporation sized organizations the ability to build a Cloud platform and customize modern features that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual business or customer. Additionally, Lunarpages offers clustering Web and SQL services when designating and compiling cloud-sharing technology and platforms to its customers.

Diversity of webhosting services

Lunarpages stands out as a web-hosting, data servicing platform creator, and maintenance service by providing its services for both Linux and Windows users.

Even more impressively, Lunarpages offers a website or business the ability to create, customize, and plug-in a unique, to their preferences, an email exchange platform with added security, customizability, and convenience.

Separating and Advancing from the Competition

Lunarpages has an upper-hand in the hosting, website service provider, and server protection to maintenance business because it’s American-based, run, and is very extensive in its measures to both keep an open line of communication when designing products for customers, but more importantly providing a multitude of channels for customer service, troubleshooting, and a knowledge base for its products or services.

Lunarpages finally goes above and beyond in its services by not only providing SEO and SEM based servicing to your website or business, but even provides website design services as well.

Is Mddhosting slow or fast? Reviews 50% off coupon code 2019 is a smaller, yet reputable hosting service provider in which provides a wide range of various online resources, tools, servers, and website to domain assistance, modifications, and monitoring.

MDD Hosting is in the business of meeting a unique range and dynamic of different websites and businesses. From shared to premium reseller hosting services, they are bound to have a service product or tool in which will positively contribute to the sustainability of your business. Is a good host? Read customer reviews about web hosting plans, uptime, speed.

Additionally, MDD Hosting also provides both private and dedicated hosting based out of their Database center in Colorado, USA.

My own personal experience

After Hostgator April 2014 network outages, I decided to move all my websites to more reliable hosting. I did research, read many customer reviews on webhosting forums. Users recommended mddhosting, Arvixe, Siteground, Stablehost. Most of mddhosting reviews were positive, so I switched to them and didn’t regret about this. I’ve been using this hosting (shared hosting plan) for two years without any problem. Customer service replies fast on my tickets, helps me to resolve any problem/answer on my question. I can recommend to anyone this hosting company! hosting plans: Shared, Premium, VPS, Dedicated Server 50% off coupon discount promo 2019:

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MDDhosting Shared Hosting plans

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced plans. RAID10 SSD Storage: 5-15 GB, Premium Bandwidth: 250-750 GB, 1 Full CPU Core, UNLIMITED domains, subdomains, MySQL Databases; Unlimited Email Accounts, Auto-responders, Forwarders, cPanel, Softaculous, LiteSpeed Powered

MDDhosting Premium Hosting plans

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced plans. RAID10 SSD Storage: 5-15 GB, Premium Bandwidth: 300-900 GB, 2 Full CPU Cores, UNLIMITED domains, subdomains, MySQL Databases; Unlimited Email Accounts, Auto-responders, Forwarders, cPanel, Softaculous, LiteSpeed Powered

MDDhosting VPS Hosting plans

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced plans. RAID10 SSD Storage: 20-50 GB, Premium Bandwidth: 500-1,500 GB, Network Port Speed: 1,000 MBPS, Dedicated RAM: 1-2 GB, VSwap: 1-2 GB, CPU Cores: 1-4 Cores @ 2+ GHz, Included IP Addresses: 2, Web Host Manager (WHM), Operating System: CentOS 6, VPS Control Panel: SolusVM, Virtualization: OpenVZ 6

MDDhosting dedicated server plans

Single Processor Quad Core 3220 – 4 Cores, Single Processor Quad Core 5430 – 4 Cores, Dual Processor Quad Core 5430 – 8 Cores, Dual Processor Quad Core 5520 – 8 Cores + HT

Servicing and Providing Domains

MDD Hosting is also a reputable, authorized dealer in providing not only domain registration and transfer, but other unique services such as software licenses and SSL certification services. MDD Hosting share’s its team’s skills, knowledge, and services with its customers by providing 24/7 hour Customer Service via email and or telephone.

In good faith efforts to go above and beyond what “typical” Domain Hosting services provide, MDD Hosting also provides Spam and Filtration Experts to guide, support, modify, and maintain your site, hosts, and servers for added protection.

Customer Satisfaction

MDD Hosting is a considerably desirable website and networking service provider as it has not only a query-based submission system for answering questions or concerns swiftly, but also a FAQ section for frequent users, customers, and even has a public discussion board where customers can interact with one another—as well as directly with MDD Hosting employees for any questions, concerns, or feedback that they might have.

With a real time Server Status feature on MDD Hosting’s website, users can enjoy and experience live-monitoring of over 10 servers, their status, and troubleshoot or maintain their sites sustainability. Although perhaps a smaller or newer business, MDD Hosting undoubtedly goes above and beyond to give 100% support, care, and services to its customers and attract new business. VPS dedicated hybrid plans opiniones coupon code 2017

WiredTress Hosting Services really sets itself apart from the competition by offering and guaranteeing 24/7 phone, email, and HelpDesk support to all of its clients. This is especially desirable for clients, as they range globally and often may have experienced Hosting Services in the past which were restricted to a specific time zone which otherwise proved inconvenient or contradictory to the purpose and accessibility of their business to reach its staff and customers. Is wiredtree slow or fast hosting? Read customer reviews about hosting plans.

WiredTree shows its ability to go above and beyond by always updating, patching, and ensuring uptime of your website, VPN, other system management solutions, e-commerce solutions, and even Vbulletin Hosting and Server maintenance and support by only using the most modern and efficient technology and techniques.

WiredTree VPS, Hybrid, Dedicated Server hosting plans coupon discount promo code 2017, special offers:

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Using only the most reliable technology, WiredTree accelerates past the competition by using dual quad-core and hexa-core Intel Xenon CPU’s for their VPS services, bridging them with 12 Physical CPU’s and 24 Virtual CPU processors. Combining these services with Supermicro motherboards, chassis, and EEC registered memory means your data and information are guaranteed to be protected, backed-up, and never vulnerable to down-time or other common hosting troubles or ‘pitfalls’.


Managed VPS hosting plans

Pure SSD VPS hosting solution for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other

SSD 2000 (price: $55/month, RAM: 2.5GB, Storage: 50GB Pure SSD RAID-10, CPU Priority: X2, Bandwidth: 6TB);

SSD 3000 (price: $70/month, RAM: 3.5GB, Storage: 70GB Pure SSD RAID-10, CPU Priority: X3, Bandwidth: 8TB);

SSD 4000 (price: $85/month, RAM: 4.5GB, Storage: 90GB Pure SSD RAID-10, CPU Priority: X4, Bandwidth: 10TB);

SSD-Accelerated VPS hosting plan

VPS 2000 (price: $49/month, RAM: 2GB, Storage: 100GB Pure SSD-Accelerated, CPU Priority: Equal Share, Bandwidth: 6TB);

SSD 3000 (price: $69/month, RAM: 3GB, Storage: 120GB Pure SSD-Accelerated, CPU Priority: Equal Share, Bandwidth: 8TB);

SSD 4000 (price: $89/month, RAM: 4GB, Storage: 150GB Pure SSD-Accelerated, CPU Priority: Equal Share, Bandwidth: 10TB);

Managed Hybrid Servers Plans

Pure SSD Hybrid Servers: Dedicated Xeon CPU Cores: 1-4, RAM: 6-8GB, SSD DISK: 100-160GB, 2-16 IP Addresses, Softaculous, RVSkin, WHMCS, Unbranded WHMCS, LiteSpeed Web Server option.

SSD-Accelerated Hybrid: 1-4 Xeon CPU Cores, RAM: 5120-8192MB, SSD-Accelerated Disk: 160-240GB, 2-16 IP Addresses, Softaculous, RVSkin, WHMCS, Unbranded WHMCS, LiteSpeed Web Server option.

Managed Dedicated Servers Web Hosting Plans

Single CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5: 4 to 10 CPU Cores, DDR3 & DDR4 ECC Memory, 8GB to 128GB RAM, SuperMicro Rackmount Server, Hot-Swappable Chassis Available, 2 IPs, 20TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth

Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5: 8 to 20 CPU Cores, DDR4 ECC Registered Memory, 8GB to 256GB RAM, SuperMicro Rackmount Server, Hot-Swappable Chassis Included, 2 IPs, 20TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth

One of the most conclusively appealing services and angle that sets WiredTree apart from other hosting service providers is that it manually and physically installs your servers, software, and hardware at their designated sites – so you’re guaranteed a unique and personalized experience fit to fulfill all the needs of your business from marketing to customer-interactions. WiredTree makes it possible through communication platforms such as Vbulletin for your members and customers to interact both with one another, as well you.

All of WiredTree’s service plans include unlimited domain and user flexibility, full-root access, and guaranteed 100% network uptime SLMA—another huge benefit is maintaining the same IP address even through upgrading, changing hardware or updating software, as well as migration between operating systems — so you don’t have to worry about unwanted changes or registration discrepancies with your domain, services, or business.

Is GoDaddy slow or fast hosting? Reviews new products best coupon code 2017

GoDaddy has had and continues to maintain a long-standing solid reputation as a hosting service provider, as well as domain seller and management to resources outlet in which has been successfully servicing its clients arguably before much of today’s competition even existed. Is GoDaddy worth it? Is it reputable, trustworthy web hosting company? Is web hosting good, slow or fast? Is Godaddy having issues? Is Godaddy good for seo, small business, ecommerce, online store, wordpress, blogging, building a website? Read customer reviews to find out answers on these questions.

GoDaddy hosting plans: Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, WordPress; E-mail, eCommerce, Website builder, DNS, domain name registration entire order coupon discount promotion code 2017:

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GoDaddy also provides a ‘brokerage’ service and assists in selling domains if this is a service you require. Additionally, tools are provided for holding and participating in domain auctions directly through the site.

Ranging from Webhosting to WordPress hosting, GoDaddy provides Premium DNS and VPS services to its customers, dedicated IP’s and also provides its unique code-signing certification service.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting plans:

Website hosting plans: Economy (1 Website, 100 GB Storage, 100 Email Addresses and free domain), Deluxe (Unlimited Websites, storage, 500 Email Addresses and free domain), Ultimate (Unlimited Websites, storage, 1000 Email Addresses, Premium DNS, 1-year SSL, special ultimate plan 2 CPU 1 Gb RAM 100 entry processes, free domain).

For business owners GoDaddy provides a multitude of custom-tailored corporate-designed email service platforms fit to meet your business demands, may it be via mobile access, computers, cloud hosting, or other servers to communicate with your customers and employees.

GoDaddy VPS hosting plans:

Customers choose GoDaddy for Linux and Windows VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting as they provide a broad range of 1GB to 8GB of RAM—while meeting storage capacity requirements of 40GB to 240GB!
godaddy webhosting plans

GoDaddy Dedicated Services:

Dedicated Servers provided by GoDaddy are likewise comparable and competitive in offering storage ranging from 512GB all the way to 2TB, reinforced by anywhere from 2GB to 32GB of RAM dependent upon the plan you select for you and your business!

GoDaddy Website builder plans:

Website builder plans: personal, business, business plus. 300 templates, mobile site option, SEO services, social media manager

GoDaddy services:

They also offer: eCommerce Store, SSL Certificate, Profesional Business email, WordPress hosting (basic, deluxe, ultimate, developer), Search Engine Optimization, Local Business Listings, Dedicated IP.

With 1-Click-Install Web Hosting and Server Tools, plans and services are managed and tailored to meet any sized business and purpose. Lastly, GoDaddy protects its customers, their businesses private data by monitoring and securing their websites, servers, email data, and software to hardware applications as well as plugins–on all of their sites through 24/7 reputable and included Security Services.