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Easiest, fastest, simplest way to build affiliate niche site for beginners

How to create an affiliate website What is the fastest, easiest way to create a good looking, simple website for beginners without coding experience? What is the best website creation software for affiliate niche, blogging, portfolio, small business, photography sites? Softaculous is an interface tool of cPanel, it automates installation of CMS’s (Content Management Systems).… Read More »

How to disable Awstats processing for domains

If you want to disable cPanel Awstats for some domains, expired for example, there is a simple decision. Open File Manager or FTP Client, navigate to tmp/awstats folder. There should be files in [SUBDOMAIN].[DOMAIN].[TLD].conf format. Delete required files.


Hello, and welcome to SEO Signals blog! My name is Andrew. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the past 7-8 years. I started with free Blogger Blog, learned about SEO (search engine optimization), then I created self-hosted niche website. I built several successful affiliate websites, which generates me decent passive income. I decided to build… Read More »