How to choose the best and right affiliate niche

Tips on choosing the right affiliate niche for blog, review website

Picking the right niche is especially important when you want to make money online. What’s is the best affiliate niche for website in 2016? The answer on this question is that there’s no such thing like the best niche for affiliate website, but there are lucrative niche markets to get into.



I go through three steps when choosing a niche to build a new affiliate website:

Step 1. Your Interest in the Topic

What do you know? What do you like? What is your hobby? If you’re interested in some topic and knowledgeable about, it’d be easy for you to write informative articles, FAQ’s, honest product reviews based on prior knowledge. Creating value content builds credibility with your visitors, increases number of subscribers and loyal followers of your website.

Even if you start a niche site around subject you aren’t passionate about, at least you must be willing to read a lot, learn a lot about it.

Step 2. Evaluate Search Traffic and Competition

Everyone wants to find a gold mine – high traffic and low competition niche. Usually low competition means that niche is limited by its weak organic search traffic and low earning potential.

Credit cards, insurance, teeth whitening are high demand and most competitive online niches. Affiliate commissions are high, but it could be a hard nut to crack to runk up your website in these niches, unless you’re an experienced online marketer and have a huge budget on advertising.

The optimal decision is to go into moderate to high search volume niches.

I used Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to see monthly searches for specific keyword phrase.



But they made changes in August 2016. As you can see on the screenshot: This page shows ranges for search volumes. For a more detailed view, set up and run a campaign. This tool shows range 1-10K for different keywords. But there’s a big difference between 1000 and 9000 monthly searches. We can’t evaluate which keyword to pick. If you want to see exact monthly searches for keyword you should pay and run an Adwords campaign.

Fortunately, there is a free solution to see search volume: and

You should get FREE API Key to use Keywords Everywhere browser addon. I use it with Chrome browser.

I typed in’s search box keyword: cordless drill

It suggested list of 350 keywords:

Cordless drill reviews – 3600 monthly searches (US)



I typed in and search for Best cordless drills keyword. The metrics showed up under the search box.


Best cordless drills – 9900 monthly searches (US).

So you can evaluate search volume for any keyword using Google Search fast.

Evaluate competition

Type in keyword: cordless drill and push space button, Google will suggest:


Most searched keyword is: cordless drill reviews, click on it to see Search Engine Results.


As you can see Exact match domain name website: is on the second place of the top 10 results. Competitors:,, first page; on the second. It wouldn’t be easy to rank for this keyword, but possible with quality content and backlinks.

You can analyze competitor’s backlinks using tools: Open Site Explorer,, and decide whether you can or can’t outrank competitors. If competition for specific keyword is high, you can go deeper or broader than your competitors or pick less competitive niche.

For best cordless drill Google suggested: best 18v cordless drill, best cordless drill brand, best cordless drill under 100, best cordless drill for home use, best cordless drill combo kit. All these keywords could be ideas for articles.

Best cordless drill for home projects, best cordless drill for metal, best cordless drill for deck screws, best cordless drill for concrete, best cordless drill for electrician keywords can be used as sections of a website, you can write specific cordless drills reviews for each section (sub-niche) and target a more specific audience.

Step 3. Find products and Affiliate programs

You can visit home improvement online stores or Amazon to find most popular cordless drill models.

What are good products to promote? Average affiliate commission should be at least $5, better $10, $20, if you sell five products with commission $20, you will make $100 per day!

To find affiliate programs type in Google: cordless drill affiliate program. Don’t forget about Amazon Associates program. Another way to find advertisers is to search them in Affiliate Networks:,, Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare).

Next Step: Choosing a perfect domain name for your website

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