hosting reviews coupon 5 10 20 50 100 dollar code 2017 is a market leading web-hosting platform utilizing cloud-computing technology.

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With a 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA, customers can take ease in knowing that their websites and business will always be live, and not face down-times. Hosting providers that can’t or don’t guarantee this level of service quality and hosting consistency can cause customer-loss, financial profits, and even potentially new customers. To sweeten the deal, Digitalocean even stands behind it’s 99.9% guarantee by offering down-time based reimbursements – if and when the case ever arose that your website was offline or unavailable. Is Digital ocean good and reliable hosting company? Read user reviews about hosting plans uptime, performance, support. new user registration, student credit $5 10 20 50 100 coupon discount promo code 2017, first year discount offers:

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While Digitalocean relies heavily on cloud-based web-hosting, they have hosting plans available in various data-centers around the world. These centers covers nearly every major location globally, from Florida to London, Germany, all the way to Singapore, India, and even California. These are very desirable characteristics for a web-hosting service provider, considering the value of being able to host in one or multiple locations that are relevant, and will offer a more consistent speed connection.

With static IP’s, shared, and private networks, Digitalocean offers flexibility and services designed to meet the demands of nearly any type of website capacity, meeting high-traffic, media, and other common demands, such as data input/output.

Each of Digitalocean database centers rely on Hex Core machines, which are top of the line technology. These databases offer a reliable connection to your site and business.  Using dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage data can be uploaded, stored, removed, and transferred rapidly, efficiently, and safely.

Digitalocean offers plans with added security and protection through it’s KVM Virtualization packages, using premier encryption and other tools that enhance security and keep both you and your customers private information protected.

Many businesses enjoy Digitalocean for businesses both big and small. Digitalocean offers many customized options and an easy-to-use and understand control panel. Multiple access accounts can be created for fellow employees, while maintaining your privacy and protection by not allowing access to billing and other private, financial data.

Getting a website hosting plan up and running and your business moving can take less than a minute with Digitalocean.  With 1Gb/sec delivery, connection and data speeds provide your customers with the best possible experience when they visit your websit. While plans start with a generous 1TG per month, they can be increased dependent upon the plan or additional features you select.


3 thoughts on “ hosting reviews coupon 5 10 20 50 100 dollar code 2017”

  1. I have been on Digitalocean for about a year, with multiple servers.

    Basically, I’m now hosting most of my projects and my clients’ projects on DO.

    I only had one incident that lasted a few hours: their routes were a little messy for some reason, I was getting ~90ms from Montreal whereas I usually get ~30ms. They promptly fixed it on their end.

    I’d recommend them, but only if you are able to manage your own server.

  2. I’ve been using Digital Ocean for about the last nine months or so and I’ve been perfectly happy with them. Consistent service and a low price. I can’t complain.

  3. DigitalOcean is a modern cloud infrastructure for small and medium level projects. All plans come with SSD-based storage and large bandwidth capacity. Choose DigitalOcean if you have a limited budget, but you cannot compromise on uptime quality.

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