Dreamhost hosting user reviews first year special price coupon code 2017 free domains

Dreamhost primarly provides servers and web-hosting services for WordPress based websites. Each of every DreamHost plan includes the usage of SSD technology, ensuring swift, convenient, and efficient data-transfers between your control panel and websites or business. Is Dreamhost good, legit hosting company? Slow or fast? Read hosting plans domain registration user reviews about uptime, customer service


Dreamhost’s Shared Hosting plans come with a free domain name, and allow you to host as many domains as you need without limits – and include unlimited storage and bandwidth. Each of these plans are backed with 24/7 customer service, and prides itself on 365 available representatives for all of your website and WordPress needs.

Creating and maintaining a WordPress or multiple WordPress sites is made easy through Dreamhost, which provides constant updates and back-ups automatically to all it’s customers.

While Dreamhost’s main focus is on WordPress sites, it also providers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers for other types of websites and businesses.

Depending on your RAM needs, VPS servers can be scaled up to 8GB of RAM, while Dedicated Servers can be customized to run between 4 and 54GB of RAM. Dedicate Servers provide higher storage limits – up to as much as 2TB. VPS services only go up to 240GB, although it uses SSD technology for storage – which is a huge plus.

For those using VPS, a custom-built control panel is available, and is based on Ubutun 12.04 LTS. Dedicated Servers provide direct access and control via Full Root and Shell Access (SSH), as well as a Web-Based, easy to use control panel.

One-Click Install features for WordPress, plugins, and any theme you choose increases Dreamhost’s overall likeability rating.


Dreamhost protects your website, business, and data by hitting security from two angles. Firstly, CloudFlare Integration cache’s content and filter’s malicious traffic before it hits your server, deterring many common attacks or efforts to hack your website or WordPress. Each Web-Hosting plan also includes Automated Malware scans using cutting-edge technology. Relying on remediation tools, Dreamhost relies on the StopTheHacker tool to prevent and track any unwanted attempts to DDos or overflow your website with inorganic traffic, bots, and spammers.

To top it all off Dreamhost guarantees your web-hosting experience in the form of a guarantee of a 1 day full reimbursement credit for any hour your website and business is ever down at their expense.

Dreamhost’s customized control panels are simple to use and understand, and each rely on simple-to-learn HTML commands.

If you’re seeking a profitable, quality experience in hosting WordPress or other business website’s, then Dreamhost is the ultimate solution.

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2 thoughts on “Dreamhost hosting user reviews first year special price coupon code 2017 free domains”

  1. I just switched to Dreamhost from iPage. So far I’m a fan. Their custom panel was clearly built by and for geeks. Their customer service has been outstanding. No complaint thus far.

  2. I like them. Any time I have a problem or even the simplest question I just chat one of their support people and have my answer/problem solved almost instantaneously. I’ve only used it maybe four times since I signed up with them in 2008, but over-the-top great customer service is worth the extra cost to me.

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