Dynadot domain registrar review coupon org tv com offer code 2017

Outside of it’s easy to use and understand Website builder with both premade and customizable website themes, Dynadot.com provides extensive options and resources for domain registration.

With Marketplace Listings, Auctions, and Back-Order features, Dynadot is designed to optimize your domain registration experience.

Dynadot is rated as being one of the top providers thanks to it’s fast, easy to use interface for buying, selling, and bidding on domain names.


Dynadot is rated so well because it provides extremely prompt transfers-out, which is essential to gaining access to and building your website on your new domains and generating business.

As an added bonus Dynadot also has grace days for deletion in some cases of domain extensions which is a really nice, customer-oriented feature. Their support is top rated as well, and very responsive with any nature of inquiry.

Customers have reported that service is very informative, and the addition of a discussion board adds to it’s overall appeal and platform for communicating with fellow sellers and also it’s employees.

Dynadot provides an individual Account Manager to each customer, which is found to be very helpful and informative in the case of registering, transferring, and utilizing new domains.

DNS up-time is reportedly very consistent and in favor of customers and their businesses. Dynadot has been around for over 14 years, and is based out of California.

In most cases, customers can delete a domain within the first 5 days of purchase through a grace period, and hosting within the first two weeks, although not in the form of cash – only credit.

While Dynadot does offer web-hosting, their primary service feature is as a domain Registrar. With an overall easy to use system and consistent availability of desirable, popular domains this is definitely a good choice for affordable, sensible domain purchases. The swift transfer of domains is a valuable feature.

For those considering or seeking potentially re-released domains, Dynadot is a primal choice, and sales are swift.

From a website builder and web-hosting perspective, Dynadot is by no means undesirable. In fact, with it’s web-hosting plans it also provides a user-friendly website builder, and with the higher-rated plans social media integration is also available.

The fact that customers can reach Customer Service by live chat, email, phone, and forums says a lot about it’s commitment to providing service to it’s customers – however only during normal business days and hours.

Customers seeking to use Dynadot as a web-hosting service and website-builder will find that the variation in plans provides a drastically different experience, dependent upon which is selected.

3 thoughts on “Dynadot domain registrar review coupon org tv com offer code 2017”

  1. I spend a lot of time griping about hosting companies and registrars that suck, so I thought I’d review a company that doesn’t suck.

    I’ve been using Dynadot for all my domain registration for a while now (I started using them after they redid their website)… I’ve got 33 domains on them right now.

    The pricing is great and the transfers and registrations are very fast.

    Their domain control panel is decent: it could use some improvement to make this more intuitive and easy, but overall I’d give it an 7 or 8/10 which is fine given that I don’t spend much time in there doing stuff…

    Once or twice I got a maintenance message while trying to go to their website or make changes in the control panel, but it was resolved quickly. As for the DNS, I have not had a single second of downtime as far as I can tell.

    The support is so-so, I tried calling them at some point, and after being on hold for 10 minutes I gave up, and went on their online live chat instead. The live chat operator didn’t quite understand what I meant, even though I was being quite clear. Then again, my domains are quite confusing, because I have very simliar domains (shovenose.com, .net, shovehost.com, .net) and it even confuses me sometimes! lol.
    Their forum is a tad sleepy and it takes a long time to get a response, even thought the one I did get from their staff was accurate and helpful. Also, their domain marketplace is quite useless too.

    In any case, I would definitely recommend Dynadot. Great pricing and stability. The only thing I haven’t tried is the hosting so I can’t say about that.

  2. I have used dynadot for 10 years and have always been impressed with their customer service and easy to use and understand control panel.

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