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Customers choose EasySpace for its many unique, in-demand, and quality services provided, ranging from Web Hosting to Virtual Private Networks.

EasySpace stands apart from the competition by offering 24/7 Customer service and constant monitoring of all of your virtual assets. To add to their unique services, EasySpace also provides a host of various Control Panel features to quickly and easily manage your website properties, make changes, and directly upload them at the click of a button.

EasySpace offers standard, consistently reliable virtual-servers located all throughout the UK—10 to be exact. Whether you require 2GB RAM, or 1024MB, there’s a custom plan with your needs in mind. All VPS service-plans include 24/7 support, and have burstable memory features available. EasySpace allows users to run their VPS on a multitude of operating systems, from Linux to Windows, and even CentOS 6. With UNLIMITED bandwidth website and business owners enjoy the luxury of constant up-time and a reinforced platform guaranteed to draw and maintain business without hardships of connectivity or a slow connection to their site.

EasySpace has great selections for Web-Hosting, ranging from 10GB, to 50GB, all the way up to unlimited storage and bandwidth, dependent upon the service plan you choose. With 5-10 databases (or unlimited), up to 200 mailboxes, and an Apache environment users or customers experience a quality, Apache environment for their web-hosting needs and can always enjoy the featurability of using either Linux or Windows for all their web-hosting activities. As a bonus, Back Up & Restore features are included with each web-hosting plan which really ensures all of your data, customer details, and website properties are always protected and available should the event arise that such data needs to be restored.

EasySpace specializes in Dedicated Servers, as well as Office 365, and even cloud-based data hosting. For your dedicated server needs EasySpace utilizes reliable, modern, and fast dual and Quad Core technology, dependent upon the plan you choose. Whatever your RAM requirements are, through their 3 various plans you can invest anywhere form 8GB of RAM all the way up to 256GB. Using TB Disks, SATA, and SSD technology HDD can be a part of the past, or you can combine these various technologies to be tailor made to all of your dedicated server, and website-hosting needs.

Should your website or business require SSL certification, troubleshooting, support, or creation EasySpace has got you covered. To top it all off, as mentioned earlier, EasySpace has state of the art cloud-hosting technology and is powered by 1 to 4vCPU’s. With unlimited bandwidth and modifiable RAM, EasySpace is certainly a service worth considering for anyone serious about getting the most out of their business or website.

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