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GlowHost has been providing Grade A web-hosting and server services since 2002, maintains a strong reputation, and services a multitude of Fortune 500, charity, and global corporations from start-ups to internationally known organizations.

Utilizing Cloud-Linux technology, GlowHosting offers various shared web-hosting plans, all included with the infamous cPanel feature to really tighten up and adjust any necessary changes to your website, it’s hosting dynamic, and the ways in which your customers view and use your website or business.

The majority of shared web-hosting plans provided by GlowHost include unlimited disk-space and monthly data transfer. Each shared web-hosting plan also includes a free McAfee Secure and Site Seal for all of your security and protection needs of your, as well as your customer’s vital information.

GlowHost takes it the next level by including WordPress and other helpful apps to customize your website and really reach your customers. To top it all off, Free SEO Tools are included, as well as CloudFlare with Railgun with each and every shared web-hosting plan. A free COMODO SSL Certificate is also provided, and a dedicated IP address is optional with its more premium shared web-hosting plans.
Should customers seek a smaller-business hosting solution GlowHost also has available semi-dedicated and cloud-hosting servers available. Both of these options include fully managed features, and are accessible via jail-shell and root control. All semi-dedicated servers are guaranteed to host 30 sites or less, which really adds optimization and speed for any serious business or website owner.


Dedicated-Server technologies provided by GlowHost all utilize Intel processor technology and range from 8-32GB of RAM. Using HDD and terabyte technology GlowHost also has available dual-core technology for dedicated service demands.

Customers are especially pleased with GlowHost customer features and website plans because GlowHost has taken the time to customize plans for any caliber website, and offers unique combination plans unlike other web-hosting and server providers.

GlowHost offers PCI-compliant servers, and some packages even include additional software and features such as a Free Customer Billing System. Both fully managed and unmanaged servers and web hosting services are available to customers, again reinforcing a nearly totally customized, professional, and reliable web-hosting and access experience.

With automatic security-updates and data—and certificate—migration services GlowHost really sets itself apart from the competition.
GlowHost lastly provides a quality interface and system for customers to utilize reseller web-hosting options, ranging from 50-200GB of disk space, and an up to 1400GB of monthly transferable data maximum.

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  1. I have been really satisfied with GlowHost services. I depend on email for my business, they have been completely dependable. I also talked to their support team frequently and found them to be supportive and intelligent.
    My earlier experience with my previous host was very ordinary in terms of speed, uptime and support.
    I clearly consider GlowHost to be better than many famous web hosts. Recommend this US web host.

  2. As a satisfied customer with I would like to recommend hosting services be taken with this decent host. Perfect features, quality support, fast server is what i got with so how can anyone turn down that kind of offer. Best hosting services in my opinion.
    Support is usually great, my only complain being that the original average support response time of 20 minutes is now more like 1-2 hours. This is to be expected with the kind of growth they’ve experienced, however.

  3. I am so grateful. GlowHost as usual dealt with my problem amazingly quickly, really helpfully and in the middle of the night, and in my opinion their service is absolutely fantastic, they realised I am limited to what I can do where I am currently and they took control and sorted everything. The charge for this, considerable amount of work..? well, it was very very reasonable. I would always recommend GlowHost to anyone, they are amazing..
    Excellent uptime on servers. Customer service agents and knowledgable and very helpful. Would definitely use again.

  4. Very helpful and friendly service. Best host ever. Enough said. Nice friendly team and helpful. When I have problems which usually are things that I have done wrong they are always resolved within minutes. I have been with Glowhost for about 6 months and im happy and dont plan on changing.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I’m quite happy with glowhost services so far. I love cpanel. I can’t believe how easy it is to change settings, add domains, subdomains, emails etc. It’s just awesome. Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to finally deal with a hosting provider that is actually interested in helping me.

  6. Thanks a lot for getting me transferred so quick. You guys are great!! I’ve never had such a fast response from any hosting company. Thanks again for the great support!!

  7. Over the past year and a half I have gone through two intense periods of research looking for the perfect hosting company for my needs and the needs of my clients. Both times I came up with Glowhost as #1 in relative price, selection of services, quality of service, attention to customer needs and technology advances and promptness and courtesy in dealing with support issues.
    Thank you for helping to keep my business running smoothly and my business name a trusted one!

  8. I have had to use their phone support a few times and they have always been professional and helpful. They have awesome people working for them who really care about doing a good job. My site has never been down with glowhost web host.

  9. You guys have a great service. I thank you for delivering such a reliable and high level of performance when it comes to hosting service. Excellent work on my software that was easily installed. Please pass along my appreciation.

  10. We are already blown away by the quality of service. And we are looking forward to sticking around for a long time and anticipate sharing with friends and colleagues of my great experience with Glowhost. When I asked them why, they checked it out each time, got back to me either the same day or following day and not only told me why, but told me how to fix it!

  11. I have dealt with dozens of hosting providers over the last 15 years and my experience with Glowhost far surpasses any other. I am happy with my VPS plan but it is your support that sets you apart from the competition… your support is second to none. I have found your support extremely fast, knowledgeable and friendly. I will be recommending Glowhost to everyone.

  12. Definitely some of the best Customer Support available. Support can be reached through MSN for immediate assistance, and through tickets/email which they respond to in a matter of minutes. Site is extremely fast to load and has had almost perfect uptime.

  13. Hey

    I recently purchased a domain name and server space off Glowhost for a very reasonable price. Any problems I had with my account were answered in less than half an hour. The service Glowhost offers is of a top standard. There c panel is also very easy to use and offers many features that can enhance the usability of your site, you can add forums, polls and much more.
    Just wanted to thank the clever dot staff for your service it was #1.

  14. I can say that glowhost team provide good hosting services. Customer support has been second to none – helpful, patient and thorough support staff. All hosting service encounters problems from time to time, but I’m quite impressed with the resources they put into action to resolve issues quickly.
    I didn’t regret a thing.

  15. GlowHost have provided me with a service that is second to none. Every time I encounter an issue in regards to one of my sites, both Adam & Darren are more than happy to lend a helping hand no matter what time of day. I have recommended and will continue to recommend GlowHost to anyone and everyone. Excellent service, outrageously good uptime and utmost happiness.
    Thank you GlowHost.

  16. Glowhost have the most incredible customer support I’ve run into to date. I’ve worked with numerous other clients’ hosting companies with not even close to the same satisfaction. They offer a wealth of information in their knowledge base and have a SUPER SPEEDY and FRIENDLY support team 24/7! There have been times they’ve even helped me through an issue that turned out to not even be related to them, but actually to my site’s software itself. Like I’ve told the techs before, “This is why I host with you guys!

  17. Incredibly fast, very responsive and incredibly helpful. I’m a newbie in the hosting space and everyone that I’ve dealt with at Glowhost has been extraordinarily patient and has helped me figure out what I do not yet understand and explain everything fully and completely.

  18. I have 3 sites with Glowhost. Customer service is second to none. All my support requests are handled under 5 minutes. They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version.
    Great features. Their prices are great but not the cheapest. I highly recommend these guys!

  19. Glowhost is good. All my questions were answered accurately and intelligibly. Everything was up and running faster than promised. The price is reasonable, and the support and service make it an even better value. My only regret is that I didn’t come across them sooner! I am looking forward to a long established relationship with your business.

  20. It was not so easy for me to find the most appropriate web host for hosting my sites (phpBB board, Joomla and WordPress). GlowHost is the most suitable one and I can highly recommend their hosting deals for any webmaster or newbie looking for a host to run his/her web sites online. They also have exceptional customer service. I had no problems getting everything setup.

  21. Thank you for the excellent professional courtesy service within the first week of doing business. Glowhost is a service I would differently recommend to my friends. As soon as the nameservers have updated and the site is live I’ll be linking to glowhost, boosting the PR in the process. We need more businesses like this period, on the internet and in the real world of brick and mortar.

  22. I can tell you that Glowhost US web host does everything 20 times better than my previous web host. I have used many webhosting providers but I feel Glowhost to be the best among all, not because the packages and service they are providing, its a really best Hosting server I have ever used. The price is great. The features are great. Fast support via online chat… .

  23. I am 100% satisfied client and can honestly say this host is trustworthy one. After using the shared hosting control panel for the first time I was sold! Such a great tool, easy to use and packed with features – I now prefer this to any other control panel out there.

  24. Lots of features, and I can afford to pay a year at a go. Glowhost is reliable option for hosting any kind of web sites. I must say they provide really good customer support service. Always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I have not had one day of trouble from this hosting account, and only contact them to help me set up issues with my domain. Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value. No Contracts or Hidden Fees. They also offer free hosting account you can easily upgrade to a paid plan from your control panel. I would recommend them to anyone who needs hosting at a great price, with all add-ons included in that price.

  25. I found the Control Panel and one step installation plugins (WordPress) and streaming QT very useful for my purposes. I’ve always found the Customer Service top notch via e-mail and the help wiki is very intuitive. Everything is great! The support-guys are very cool and fast!

  26. Glowhost cloud hosting is a professional provider. Everything has impressed me:
    – great network and server uptime,
    – perfect and useful scripts as well as tools,
    – helpful, professional customer support.
    Good job, thanks a lot, dudes.

  27. They are fast, great customer service. I have no complaints. Glowhost has been a great host for me. The sites I host are generally low-traffic. For simply hosting WordPress blogs that get a small amount of traffic, it does the job. Awesome support. There is the occasional downtime. But, it is minimal and has never been a major inconvenience to me.

  28. My experience with their tech support has been good prompt and helpful responses. I have used many hosts over the past 10 years, but Glowhost who I have used for the past 9 months has proven the best by far. Their customer support is beyond excellent. They know what they are doing. Recommended!

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