shared VPS Dedicated reviews coupon 0.01 code 2017 is a web-hosting and server-plan service that specializes in the installment and utilization of various website and business features ranging from WordPress to VPS, to shared web-hosting accounts. Is VPS, Dedicated Server good? Read user reviews about uptime, speed, customer service.

With unlimited disk space and free migration, customers that run their business or sub-compliment such with a WordPress will easily enjoy the various features of Interserver such as direct migration, one-click control, and speed-optimization. Shared, VPS, Dedicated servers, Cloud, Reseller, hosting plans, domain registration coupon 1 cent, 50% off discount promo codes 2017, special offers:

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For those seeking to acquire and utilize a VPS for their website or business will find Interserver’s dedicated platform and cPanel controls to be of premium grade quality and performance. Features like instant activation, 1GB RAM, and 25GB Storage really puts it at the top of leading competition for accessibility and space-worthy features.


Interserver uses dedicated servers for it’s customers powered by Intel Dual-Core technology, 1GB of memory, and 250GB hard-drives so that storing, uploading, and maintaining data is a cinch. With a hardware replacement guarantee, guaranteed uptime, and top-quality customer service Interserver is definitely optimal for those seeking to get the most quality and benefits from their website-hosting and server experience.

Interserver provides Cloud Hosting technology utilizing either or Windows or Linux OS technology. With up to 1TB of data-transfer, 1000MB of memory and core technology its cloud services are reinforced by top, premium grade level technologies and hosting services. Using cloud technology is a flexible, mobile, and reliable approach to anyone serious about backing up, storing, and accessing their website or business data online from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based storage and technology provided by Interserver is very unique, as it provides multi-language servers, backups and snapshot features, instant provisioning, and root-access allowing customers to completely access, control, customize, and optimize their cloud-based data storage and website interfaces or details.

From ‘quick-servers’ to VPS, Interserver is well-reputed and desirable because it relies on local and long-distance reliable hosting locations and technologies.

From Los Angeles to Houston Texas, to Hong Kong China all the way back to London, United Kingdom, Interserver relies on the most optimal locations of servers to guarantee uptime, accessibility, and flexibility. All shared, VPS, and personal hosting modules are controlled, modified, and stored through these various server locations—powered by 24/7 support and professional advisory services to truly optimize, control, and troubleshoot any and all of your website or business needs.

Customers love and remain loyal to Interserver web-hosting and access technologies because it’s built-in with the capability to access, run, and troubleshoot your website and data from a wide range of various operating systems—from Linux to Windows, Suse, Ubuntu, CentOS, and more.

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  1. Summary
    If you are a current HostGator customer, find a better host when you current subscription ends. If you thinking about HostGator – my advice is don’t. Look at companies like instead. Hostgator is the service to use if you want the freedom to spam – but you will get what you deserve: high prices (starting the second year) and very poor support.

    I’ve been a HostGator customer for 10+ years. Hostgator was great until 2012. (If you don’t believe this, go to HostGator’s web page, scroll down the page and click on “See all awards” As of 3/11/16, you will see six awards – 2 from 2012, 3 from 2011 and 1 from 2009) In late 2012, HostGator was bought by EIG. Zero awards since.

    EIG sells hosting services through more than 80 different names. HostGator is just one name. Google “full list EIG” and click on a site named “ResearchAsAHobby” to view all of the names EIG sells web hosting under and see what people think – it is not good.

    The Problems
    After HostGator was sold to EIG, three things happened:

    1. Prices went up. For a Baby Croc plan with no extras, I paid 95.42 per year, then 119.40 and this year’s invoice was $143.00. Don’t be fooled by first-year discounts. Starting the second year – you will pay higher than normal prices.

    2. Quality and Service went down (Fell off a cliff when the old HostGator staff left). My website was moved from server to server without notice – causing downtime. The site they moved my service to doubled my ping times (servers were slower or farther away). Tickets about various problems were left hanging for days.

    3. Mail started bouncing. In 2013, all of HostGator’s outgoing mail was consolidated through – both HostGator customers and their Reseller customers. Anyone who sends spam (customer, reseller or a reseller’s customer) gets all of HostGator’s customers blacklisted. Shortly after the consolidation on, the IP address developed a “bad reputation” and mail started bouncing. It never improved.

    (You should type in a browser and see why HostGator thinks you are there. Here is what it says: (spoiler alert)

    …………..”For abuse issues related to the domain,
    …………..please email your complaint with any relevant logs to

    That’s it. Just one line of plain text. Where to send your complaints! Wow

    I fought bouncing mail in my account with a open support ticket for more than 60 days (April 29 to July 7, 2015). After they acknowledged the problem, HostGator’s Technical Support answer was: (direct quote from ticket)

    …………… “The blocks you’re seeing are temporary blocks, please retry the emails,
    …………… they will eventually go through. It may take a few tries before they are completely sent,
    …………… but when email is sent from our server it passes through a random mail gateway,
    …………… and out on a random IP address of the gateway,
    …………… so the chances of it using the same IP twice in close succession is very low.”

    So, I would send an email, get a rejection anywhere from 1 – 3 hours later, and re-send the e-mail again. From experience, I can tell you 1 in 3 bounced. Clients of mine waiting for mail from me would say, “You have to be kidding” when I explained HostGator’s stance.

    Here is the quote from the HostGator Technical Support that ended my fight: (although the ticket was never closed)
    …………… “Hello, There is no ETA for this because the sources of the issue are ever-changing,
    …………… as it’s all because of spam and spam changes almost everyday.
    …………… I’ve sent a lot of information to my managers and supervisors over the last few months
    …………… to help alleviate these issues but from there, it’s up to them to handle the information
    …………… and implement changes based on that. We’ve sent information we’ve received directly from AOL
    …………… about these issues as well and management must make decisions based on that information,
    …………… it is out of our hands, unfortunately. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.”

    This reply sums up HostGator. They know what the problem is but management is unwilling to do anything about it.

    My HostGator annual subscription ends this month (3/16) and I am already migrated to’s shared hosting service.


    I needed to host three domain names. Simple, straight-forward web hosting.

    I picked Interserver because they did exactly what HostGator would not do.

    1. $143.00 vs $54.00 – For the same exact service: HostGator $143.00 per year (Baby shared plan), Interserver $54.00 per year (Standard web hosting plan).

    2. Guaranteed $54.00 price for life. Interserver has Price Lock – they guarantee your price for as long as you keep the plan. HostGator – no.

    3. Guaranteed e-mail delivery – (check for details) Interserver monitors outgoing mail and:
    …..A. Limits accounts to a max of 200 messages per hour.
    …..B. Checks all outgoing mail against spam signature before sending it.

    While these restrictions and checks may bother some users, it is exactly what I am looking for – a proactive approach to avoiding being blacklisted. (And a way to push spammers off Interserver and onto other web hosting services.)

    4. Quality and Service – This will have to stand the test of time. So far, they migrated my account in under two hours. Pulled a backup from HostGator and restored it to my Interserver account. All the web content was intact. (They were simple web sites.) All of the mail accounts and forwarders for all three domains were 100% restored – same user name, same password and same content. Even the contact list inside the webmail service on each account was intact! I am very happy so far.

    I am a day trader in futures. Interserver is what I wanted: A good hosting company at a good price where I can maintain web sites without a hassle.

    This might not be the solution for you web hosting, but Interserver is certainly worth a look.


  2. Interserver is a good and old provider. You should be fine.

    Before we went for colo, we rent servers from them the year 2009 and the network is great.

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