Is Yahoo hosting provider good? Aabaco reviews rates issues coupon code 2017

Yahoo! is a well-known, ‘old school’ free email and instant messaging web service that has been around for nearly two decades. Is aabaco webhosting good? Read customer reviews about domain name registration, hosting plans

Aabaco (Yahoo) domain registration

Yahoo offers registration domain names: com, net, org, info, biz, us and other.

Get free domain name, when you purchase Business Email, Web Hosting or Ecommerce.

You can easily transfer your domain name from current domain registrar to Yahoo using authorization code. There’s option Private Domain Registration, to hide your registration information.

Aabaco (Yahoo) webhosting

Yahoo! actually provides small-business website hosting, once originally on their own platform, although now administered and managed by Aabaco Hosting Services.

Recently upgrading from POP Servers to Support SSL hosting, Yahoo! was arguably making good-faith efforts to advance the technology it uses and the services it provides its users and their businesses with the online platform, hosting control panel, and email interchange system provided along with each account—making it easy to create to 5 or more at a time if necessary for one user.

While Yahoo! originally provided it’s hosting services based on guaranteed up-time, customer support, modern technology, pop servers, and a smooth FTP system (users and business owners also complain of lagging or improperly functioning FTP servers and control panel usage), it seems through recent reviews of their transition to using Aabaco Hosting Services that a lot of headaches and customer dissatisfaction has arose. Unfortunately, as of most recently, it seems the majority of their feedback as a hosting service provider seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

Yahoo! (Aabaco) Hosting Services and their servers reportedly have been experiencing days of downtime on a fairly frequent basis—which is understandably extremely undesirable and inconvenient for their customers.

Unfortunately, for customers and consumers that have been utilizing Yahoo! based web-hosting services, the data, platform, and system in which Yahoo! uniquely provided is non-transferable to other hosting service providers with ease—so many small business owners are very upset and eager to do away with and even propose ditching their current website and all of their hard work accumulated over the years just for the sake of obtaining a new web hosting service provider.

Yahoo! (Aabaco) Hosting Services is apparently using a completely different customer service system and personnel—potentially ‘outsourcing’ and users or small business owners have been continuously complaining about the new management and personnel’s seemingly lack of experience, knowledge, or care in providing quality website hosting services.

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