Is iweb any good? Reviews coupon promo code 2017

IWeb specializes in providing a variety of server, hosting, and website management services. IWeb also creates and provides data sharing platforms to customers and their business using only the newest technology in hardware, processors, and bandwidth speeds currently available for servers.Is iweb hosting good? Read customer reviews

IWeb has its primary dedicated servers located in Montreal, Canada, using ecofriendly temperature control, management, and electricity input to output. To add to quality, IWeb has a multitude of both back up power generators as well as back up hard drives with incredibly rapid speed to secure, backup, maintain, troubleshoot, and share your data between your business and employees on a consistent 24/7 basis. dedicated servers

With IWeb’s dedicated servers and server clusters, it ensures that a higher level of performance and control is provided to its customers using only the most innovative technology, matching and sharing data algorithms and encrypted protection to ensure the safety and accountability of your businesses personal data, servers, and hosting—regardless of which hosting server location you decide to use, as they have at least 5 different reputable locations in which they run hosting servers out of.

IWeb offers its customers flexibility in its plans to launch, migrate, upgrade, and enhance its hosting services on a regular basis. From database sharing and platforms, to providing Cloud interface hosting, IWeb is sure to have a custom-tailored fit for your business or businesses.

To top it all off, IWeb also promotes the usage of VOIP and streaming to maintain consistent, reliable contact with your business personnel and customers.

With free installs, dedicated support, and a rock solid network of dedicated servers, you can rest assured that your business will be maintained, migrated, and utilized with only the most modern, practical technology to ensure the most bang for your buck! In fact, IWeb offers free installs, specializes in both hardware and software maintenance and management, and has a very well structured system for customer service, maintenance, monitoring, and request or query for support—and even includes a private forum for its users to discuss, make recommendations, and troubleshoot their hosting services if and when necessary!

Whether you seek 3 to 9, or 40 or more servers, IWeb has various plans using the most modern and efficient CPU and open source Cloud hosting for you! With guaranteed hardware, a 30-day money back guarantee plan, and guaranteed rock-solid SLA!

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