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KnownHost has been providing private server, VPS and SSD VPS hosting plans since 2005. KnownHost provides not only a wide range of modern technology, but manually builds, maintains, and upgrades its hardware and software based on Linux OS. Additionally, KnownHost offers the ability to have your server technology custom-tailored to your performance or accessibility requirements and expectations through their various plans. Is a good and reliable hosting? Read customer reivews about webhosting plans, speed, uptime, problems

With hundreds of servers located throughout the United States, from the West Coast, to the South Central database and server center in Texas, all the way to the East Coast; they’re guaranteed to provide you with consistently satisfying, high performance, and quality supported technology, uptime, server, and hosting services.

KnownHost provides accessibility in not only controlling, maintaining, and updating your custom server and hosting technology, but also provides bandwidth speeds and storage capacities guaranteed to fit the size of your business demands. VPS, VPS SSD, Dedicated server hosting plans: coupon discount promo code 2017:

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VPS hosting review

7 VPS hosting plans with 2 IP Addresses, Unlimited Domains, Full Root Access, Free Backups, 24/7/365 Support. 16+ CPU’s, Guaranteed RAM: 1-8 GB, RAID-10 Disk storage: 25-180 GB, Premium Bandwidth: 3000-17000 GB

Dedicated server hosting review


4 Managed Dedicated server plans: unlimited domain names, cPanel + Softaculous, 100Mbps Full Duplex , 24/7/365 support. Servers location: Central US (TX) datacenter

Starting at even the “lowest” or most affordable plan, KnownHost utilizes I-7 technology and provides at a minimum 11,000 GB bandwidth for your private server or business hosting needs. Utilizing both HDD-1 and HDD-2 technology, KnownHost goes above and beyond to ensure that nearly every plan they provide SATA II memory storage and accessibility for your business and employee needs.

Customers of KnownHost experience a guaranteed uptime upwards of 99%, and even offers both offsite and onsite troubleshooting, management, and free upgrades!

Small to large business owners enjoy using KnownHost for its hosting needs as it provides a user-friendly cPanel accompanied by Softaculous for each server it has available.

With completely convenient server and hosting control through 1-click installers and a 100Mbps Full Duplex network port combining full-root access, users have the luxury and convenience of accessing any and every elemental variable of their website, server, hosting, email exchange, and data storage of sharing technology.

Given KnownHost’s services to provide you with unlimited domains, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a custom-built server this is hands down one of the most reputable, reliable, and well (professionally) organized domain service and hosting provider services available today.

4 thoughts on “Knownhost VPS Dedicated reviews opinions lifetime coupon offer code 2017”

  1. KnownHost is freaking awesome. I have a VPS with them, about 75-80 websites on it. Support is tickets/email only, but they get back to you very quickly (lately, I’ve been getting a “Hey, I’m looking into it, I’ll get back to you” email within 5 minutes at most).

    I almost like the email-only ticketing; that way I know they’re working on my issue and not answering my inane suggestions while on the phone/chat. They can fully examine the issue and resolve it quickly (and they almost always do).

    I can’t say enough good about them.

    It’s managed hosting, so they’ll do just about anything you need them to do, short of actually building a website.

    I’m on their VPS-3 in NJ; I was in TX, but moved to NJ as it’s much closer to me (lower latency).

    Edit: They post outages/problems on their forums. You can subscribe to the sub-forum of your datacenter and you’ll automatically get emails if/when they have a problem. Doesn’t happen much, but they are very up-front about problems.

  2. Knownhost will do fine, I’ve hosted multiple blogs and 2 ecommerce sites on there getting thousands of unique visitors a day. No issues, good up time. Good customer service and support. If delivery does become an issue I am fairly certain they offer Cloudflare.

  3. I have three accounts with them and they rock. I was a bit hesitant since they only use a ticket system for support (no phone support) but their ticket support times are super fast. They have mostly favorable reviews on forums

    I also like that you can easily add or delete services (more storage/Cpu/etc) as needed.

    They are a bit on the expensive side but they offer lifetime discounts on their VPS-2 accounts.

  4. I’ve been with Knownhost for about a year and have been VERY happy with them. I have a VPS-3 plan. Their support is great (issues are resolved within 5-30 minutes depending on complexity) and they are always willing to help, even if its regarding a 3rd party script/software.

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