Is melbourne it safe, good registrar? Domain hosting reviews coupon 2017

MelbourneIT is a premier provider in both class and provisional developmental services to enhance, monitor, better manage, and build your website—whether it’s a smaller business or on the level of an ‘enterprise’ organization. domain registration

Domain names: com, org, net, info, biz, mobi, name, travel,, tv, us, ws and other webhosting plans


MelbourneIT focuses on providing its hosting services either via Cloud technology or through C-Panel hosting services. With 5GB to 50GB of Disk Space, 50 to 500 email accounts, and 10G to unlimited Data Transfer Limits there’s guaranteed to be a match for your small business, enterprise and website to increase the effectiveness, security, and proficiency of your business.

MelbourneIT’s provides hosting services with easy one-click installation features, increased malware and threat protection, along with PHP v5.2+, Perl/CGI and Python popular hosting capabilities and functionality. MelbourneIT goes above and beyond for its customers by even providing daily or hourly statistics representing your website(s) traffic, which of its organic, from where, and much other vital data that otherwise positively contributes to the marketing, profitability, and overall success of your business.

If you are seeking to add on, host, or create a website based on custom requirements, premade templates, or even a WordPress, MelbourneIT has the solutions for you! Ranging from custom, tailor-fit templates to premade ones, MelbourneIT supports a wide variety of social networking and publishing platforms as well as design-modules to support its customers and their business growth!

Specializing in E-Commerce and marketing, Melbourne IT lastly takes it a step further by providing enterprise level or smaller business sized email accounts for your business, safety, encryption and communication between you and your customers, as well as fellow employees—such as also utilizing Microsoft Office 365.

Last but not least, MelbourneIT makes application development and management simple—through their website add-ons, plugins, and platform features! In fact, most of the features and tools found through their site as a customer are easily accessible via a mobile device—for added convenience!

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