Is Namecheap good, safe? Reviews coupon us com net info org domain provides anything but mediocre or ‘cheap’ value services. In fact, it hosts a multitude of not only hosting and maintenance services, but also FREE Domain Name System services. So for those that have acquired a hosting platform and service that needs management but are missing a domain, Namecheap happily steps in to help. Is namecheap a good, safe, reliable, reputable domain registrar, web hosting provider? Read user reviews about domain name registration, hosting plans, uptime, customer support, problems. shared VPS hosting plans domain registration transfer SSL whoisguard e-mail coupon 5, 10, 20, 40, 50% OFF com net info us io biz me discount promotion voucher code 2017, special offers:

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Domain registration service

You can register domains: com, net, biz, org, info, mobi, asia, clotning, bike, guru, us,, tw, in, es, de, co, me, pw, ca,, eu, cc, fr,, bz, ws, li, io and other. They offer domain transfer, renewal, Free 1-Year WhoisGuard protection, free DNS, New TLDs registration, domain marketplace, personal domains, PositiveSSL Certificate. webhosting services

If you’re looking for a reliable server or servers for your web hosting, Namecheap provides a broad array of physical servers located in Phoenix, USA for your customizability, accessibility, and other demands by providing both single and multiple core technology for optimal performance and experience with your business and website — especially for your visitors.

Using Intel Xeon E3 technology, Namecheap provides CPU powered by 4 cores x 3.1GHz, all the way to 12-core technology! No matter how big or small your business or website is, ranging from 500GB to upwards of 2TB worth of RAM, Namecheap even has and provides its customers with hosting plans that include SSD technology—such as 4 x 240 GB SSD HW Raid 10! (Bandwidth options range from 10 to 100TB).

Using Namecheap is a secure and profitable option for web hosting, business, and their customers as it’s backed and secured in a physical facility that is eco-friendly, climate controlled, secures your servers and information both physically (externally) with cages and high-tech locks, as well as internally (hardware to software). Through its physical site, Namecheap ensures that more than enough memory and drive technology are always active to back-up and secure your information from loss or breach at any time!

Users of Namecheap can rest easy knowing their data and hosting is always continuously managed and protected, guaranteeing up time, and using Supermicro rackmount-based servers to provide consistently swift connection and usage of your website or businesses. With energy-efficient Intel processors, enterprise edition hard drives and ECC ram, it’s no wonder why customers always return and are satisfied with the hosting services they receive from

Given that Namecheap promises and honors its commitment to having your server and much-needed hosting services and platform put together in 4 hours; this is definitely a premium selection for someone seeking to get the most out of their money and secure their website or business through a reputable brand that goes above and beyond with its services to customers.

My personal experience


I’ve been using Namecheap for several years without any problems. I have bunch of domains (com, net). I always use coupon code to register new domain name, get discount and also FREE Whoisguard Protection.

8 thoughts on “Is Namecheap good, safe? Reviews coupon us com net info org domain”

  1. I moved to namecheap when the big to-do went down a while back. They’ve been pretty good so far on all facets. I would recommend them.

  2. I’ve never used GoDaddy because I’ve heard only bad things about them. I honestly don’t know why anyone uses them.

    I’ve always used Namecheap. Now, this of course means that I can’t genuinely compare the two. However, I will say that I’ve been perfectly happy with them. No BS, everything has always worked smoothly, etc., etc.

  3. Two things that made me happy about my choice of going with NameCheap:

    topnotch customer service

    shortest domain propagation period I have ever seen in my entire life! Though I haven’t tried many registrars before.. godaddy is decent, but NameCheap is better; 1&1 is super cheap, but they are a scam.

  4. Yea I moved my domains from 1and1 to namecheap. been very happy especially the chat support. I had an issue once and was resolved within 30mins. Has autofill convenience for mx domains when you use gapps etc.. nifty. I feel I have a lot of control with my domain settings.

  5. I moved my personal domains from Godaddy to Namecheap. I’ve also opened a Namecheap account for some domains at work. I’m pretty happy the service. Namecheap was pretty responsive about an SSL cert I screwed up and had to cancel and reorder.

  6. Namecheap user here. I’m really happy with them. Their admin panel is great (though the old one was better). All the settings are easy to find, labeled and configured how you’d expect, not forcing you on some proprietary system.

  7. I’ve used Namecheap VPS hosting and domains for myself and clients, never had a problem. Support is decent, pricing is competitive, uptime is great!

  8. I have several dozen domains I’ve had with namecheap for over seven years and never had a single problem or issue. Everything “just works” and the admin panel is intuitive and simple. Can’t imagine anything more I’d need from a provider.

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