Affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners. Build profitable niche website


How to build a successful niche affiliate website. Tips for newbies


Do you have a dream to make hundreds/thousands of dollars in passive income each month? You read information about niche affiliate websites, success stories and don’t know how to start, how to build your first affiliate website, how to get approved to major affiliate networks, what products to promote. People on webmaster’s forum asked me to help them to start a niche website, so I decided to write series of tutorials on how to make money with affiliate programs.

How start affiliate marketing with no money? You don’t need a lot of money to create an affiliate website, your expensives will be $13 for domain name (or free when you sign up to hosting) and $4-6/month for hosting.

The steps to building a successful affiliate website that pulls in at least $300 a month:

How to choose an affiliate niche

How to choose a profitable domain name

How to choose hosting

Simple way to create your first affiliate website

How to do keyword research. Finding long tail keywords

How to write product reviews

Most popular and profitable affiliate and AD networks for bloggers

Build strong backlinks and drive traffic

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