Creative Domain Name Generator. 3500+ Catchy Unique Ideas For Websites and Blogs

How to find creative, catchy domain name ideas for your new website or blog? There’s an innovative domain name generator SuggestMeDomain. This domain generator uses 3500+ words vocabulary for different categories. To generate brand domain names choose BrandPrefixSuffix, BrandWords1, BrandWords2 categories. None category generates different TLDs (Top-level domains), most popular .com .net .org. info .biz; also .uk .discount .review .me .biz .club .deals. checks domain availability.

If you want to generate niche domain names – choose category, which is related to your niche. Choose Affiliate to generate domain names list for affiliate website.

How to choose a domain name?

Domain name is much more than just a website identifier on the web. Even a combination of three or four letters can immediately make it clear for the visitor whether he needs to visit website or not. When you choosing a domain name, most site owners rely on existing examples and come up with something similar.

When choosing a domain name, it’s important to determine the purpose of the site for which the domain will be registered. It’s recommended to choose a combination of your first and last name. A domain name for corporate website may contain the name of the company or describing what it’s all about. If your company plans to open a company on the Internet with a well-known brand, the correct solution will be a domain name that coincides with this brand. When choosing a domain name, it is important that domain name is short and memorable.

.com, .net or .org domain zones are the most popular international domain zones among them.

How to choose a Catchy, SEO-friendly domain name for website

Choose the right domain name for affiliate niche website

After you’ve chosen the niche for your affiliate website, next step is to find and pick the perfect domain name for SEO and ranking in Seacrh Engines. As Google suggests: build not just a website, but a brand! So there several things to consider before you call your online business.


Long tail keyword domains

Is it a good idea to use long tail keyword domain (exact match domains or EMD’s) in 2016? It was popular to made mini-websites with main targeted keyword in domain a few years ago. This type of sites ranked much faster, easily to the top of the first page, but Google has reduced the ranking factor of having keywords in a domain name. Domain authority is the priority factor in ranking website in search engines nowadays.

Keyword domain vs branded domain

It’s important to include keyword in your domain, however you can use a brand name with just one keyword. Let’s look at examples from previous article:

For keyword: best cordless drill and cordless drills reviews you can see websites in the top of Google:,,,, Domains that are branded domains have better performance due to user experience. Visitors can remember your website address easily.

These domain names describe a scalable niche, which includes several sub-niches, with plenty of products reviews.

7 Important Criteria to Choose a Good Domain Name

1) What TLD to choose: .com, .org, .net or …? .com (commercial) top-level domain is the most recognized domain name. I use .com for all my websites, .net or .org are less effective.

2) Domains that are 2-3 words sound less spammy than 4 or 5 words.

3) Keep it short. It’s easier to remember Short URL.

4) Don’t use hyphens and numbers. Such domains look generic.

5) Be memorable. Examples:,,,

6) Don’t use existing Trademark in your domain name. A trademark owner could sue and take control over domain.

7) If your domain name is not available, pick an alternate TLD extention, or add prefix or suffix. Use domain name generator with 3500+ prefixes and suffixes, brand words vocabluary

Most of web hosting prodivers offer FREE domain name, when you sign up to hosting plan. One important thing I need to mention is Domain Privacy protection, I use it for all my domains, because it keeps all my personal infrormation off the Internet (name, address, phone number, e-mail).

Next step: choosing reliable web hosting provider