How to find appropriate keywords for blog articles and reviews

Keyword research strategies for article writing. How to find good keywords for your website.

I’ve already written How to find keywords by using browser addon along with and Google Search. Ranking top in a search engine for many keywords equals tons of free traffic and potential buyers. How to find appropriate (most effective) keywords for blog posts, reviews, articles, product descriptions, videos without using any paid keyword research tools like SEMRUSH, LongTailPro, Market Samurai? I want to share my own Free methods to find good keyword phrases.

What keywords to target? Search volume

Choose keywords with enough search volume. You don’t need to target keywords with million of searches, but keywords you choose for artiles might be able to generate at least 50 visitors per month. You can pick 2-3 word keyword for website title with 5000-100000 monthly searches.

For example:

Main keyword for website title: best cordless drill – 9900

Keyword for article: best cordless drill for home use – 140

Long-tail (low competition) keywords

Long tail keywords are phrases with three words or more. They’re typically easy to get into top of SERP (Search engine results page) because they face less competition. The more keywords you have ranked on the Search Engines the more traffic you’ll receive. Long-tail keywords give better conversion rate than broad keywords, because people are searching specific information about products (for example: samsung note 7 battery life).

How to find long tail variations

Type your your root keyword (best cordless drill) to find variations:

best cordless drill 2016 – 720 monthly searches

best 18v cordless drill – 480 monthly searches

best cordless drill brand – 170 monthly searches

best cordless drill for home use – 140 monthly searches

best cordless drill under 100 – 70 monthly searches

Write your root keyword (best cordless drill) and start typping every letter of an alphabet starting with A. That what people are typing in Google.


A variations:

best cordless drill at home depot

best cordless drill amazon – 10 monthly searches

best cordless drill and screwdriver – 10 monthly searches


B variations:

best cordless drill brand – 170 monthly searches

best cordless drill battery – 30 monthly searches



Add additional letter A after B and you get more keyword variations:

best cordless drill battery – 30 monthly searches

best cordless drill battery life – 20 monthly searches

best cordless drill battery type – 10 monthly searches

Another way to find new keywords for your website is scroll down to the bottom of Google Search Results Page. There are eight long tail phrases in Related searches section.



Buying keywords

People are searching for information to find best product for their needs.

Here’s a list of buying keyword patterns:

  • Product/Model reviews
  • Product/Model review
  • Product 1 vs Product 2
  • Best product for * (best cordless drill for home use, metal, etc)
  • Best product 2016
  • Top 10 product 2016
  • Lowest price for Product/Model
  • Product/Model coupon code
  • Product/Model promo codes
  • Cheapest Product UK (Location)


Evaluate keyword competition

It’s important to evaluate competition and pick low or medium competition keyword. Check out what websites are competing on Google’s first page for specific keyword and the content that they have on their pages. If most of or all websites from Top ten are Big brands, Authority websites with well optimised pages, you might be better to pick another keyword, because it would be difficult to rank above.

You can use a tool like Open Site Explorer to see how many backlinks particular page or website has.

If you see just a few (1-3) Authority websites on Google’s first page, it says there’s medium competition and your article might rank to the top 3 results with little promotion (several backlinks, social links).

Indicator of low competition is presence website pages from low/medium authority websites, Blogspot, Ezine articles, Yahoo Answers, .gov, .edu in the top of SERP.

You can outbeat your competitors by writing better content with more in-depth information.

Use Forums, communities, Q&A sites to find new keywords

Visitting popular forums in your industry is a great way to find new keyword ideas. What are the most popular topics on forums? What are the subjects under discussion? Using this method I found many untapped long tail keywords with low competition for my websites. By reading user reviews on forums you can find out what are the best products in your niche, what are they most popular online stores and then apply to their affiliate programs.

Question and answers websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers are great resources to find new keywords, article ideas.

Make sure to include at least one of these keywords as your title tag, better combination of two keywords.

Strategic keyword research allows you to maximize traffic for every page of your website, generate more sales and make more money.