Top 5 Benefits of Transferring Your Website to the Cloud Hosting

benefits of cloud web hosting
A significant part of IT budgets has been invested in cloud this year! Along with a considerable growth of social, mobile, and cloud software in the business industry, we have seen cloud having a significant impact on the way corporations and consumers are using technology.

Mentioned here are some of the stats and facts to shed light on some reasons benefits that cloud has been emerging as the best options for business hosting:

  • Both Public and private cloud have acquired 25% of the IT horizons (source)
  • 84 present of CIOs has been saving on application expenses by switching to the cloud (source)

Let’s have a look at five great reasons to shift your website to cloud hosting.

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1. Economies of Scale

Cloud computing offers natural economies of scale and ensures fully utilized hardware. Moving your web presence to cloud hosting leads to higher utilization and smoothing of unexpected peaks and troughs when it comes to workloads.
Cloud services assist many companies in boosting their competence and creativity, by enabling them to invest lesser time managing usual IT upgrades and more time concentrating on taking their offerings to the next level. With cloud hosting, you can quickly deploy and scale VMs in no time, while being aligned with your business needs.

2. Less Financial and Management Cost

The best things about migrating your website or software to the cloud are the cut down in the expenses involved in buying and handling expensive hardware. Besides these savings, your migration to the cloud also allows the companies to amplify their efficiency and innovation, by allowing them to spend less time handling routine IT upgrades and more time focusing on improving products and services. Both public and private cloud hosting offer the ability for businesses to deploy and scale VMs instantly according to business needs.

3. Enhanced Integration and Compatibility

Cloud, with much of its consideration to the data, instead of the operating system has been famous for the greater integration and compatibility that it offers. The latest cloud platforms make interoperability important the whole service. Since cloud hosting uses the industry standards such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL, there is no need to worry about the compatibility issues that are expected to arise when running your server.

4. Computing and Networking Speeds

A cloud heating package includes many things, including maximum uptime, systems upgrades, and round-the-clock IT service. With the passage of time as your business and it grows, you can upgrade to a better package with faster speed, higher storage, and firmer security. You’ll never need to handle outdated equipment, and you won’t need to pay for server hardware. Moving to the cloud is a great experience that every best web hosting company ensures to offer. You can substantially extend the scope of your hosting solutions as you get more success in the industry. And, when you get to the level where you have to switch to a dedicated server, you can quickly get the shifting done, provided that your hosting provider offers both dedicated and cloud hosting options.

5. Reliability

Apart from the expenses of buying hardware, what causes a nuisance when it comes to hosting is the website’s downtime. Migrating your server will lead you to downtime, eventually lesser productivity. With cloud hosting, you can rest assured of reliability, as it covers all sorts of failures from timeouts, network failure, overflow, etc. This is one of the reasons behind maintaining many copies of data. In case any of our machine gets damaged, the system keeps on performing without suffering from lost data.

So, these were some of the reasons why you should think about cloud hosting seriously. If you know more, don’t forget to share here.

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