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Future Hosting provides many of the common private-server hosting services, business hosting, platforms and VPS solutions that can be found across the internet. However, the added benefits of using Future Hosting is their modernized Future Protect feature in which this website and service provider constantly maintains, upgrades, and monitors your server’s status, protection, lapses, lags, and any other inconveniences—constantly working to ensure you are experiencing non-stop uptime and can focus on your business development, not server troubleshooting or maintenance. Is futurehosting.com good, slow or fast hosting? Read customer reviews about speed, uptime, support, problems

Futurehosting Managed VPS


6 managed VPS hosting plans. Web Hosting Control Panel: InterWorx or cPanel, 24/7/365 Customer Support

Futurehosting Dedicated hosting review


CentOS 6 with cPanel or InterWorx, Full Root Access, 24/7/365 Customer Support

With 5 Dedicated Servers across the globe, ranging from Australia to Miami Florida, Future Hosting undoubtedly goes above and beyond to ensure you have flawless speed and connectivity, between your business platform, employees, and of course prospective and current customers. Future Hosting also has physical servers located in London and Amsterdam for added convenience and sustainability.

In addition to private server and hosting services, Future Hosting also provides services for “unmanaged” hosting or servers to alleviate added-cost that’s perhaps out of your budget, or just simply not what you’re seeking—as plenty of companies have their own IT department or specialists to handle such maintenance and monitoring.

Future Hosting provides physical servers and hardware based on Xeon processor technology, equipped with 16-32 CPU cores, RAID 6 Drives, and 64GB of RAM. This allows great diversity in data storage, sharing, and maintenance, dependent upon what the best fit is for your personal website, business, or enterprise.
Unlike many other hosting and server service providers on the Internet, Future Hosting takes it a step further by also providing JAVA VPS Hosting, and even integration, migration, and monitoring to maintenance services for installing or utilizing SAAS Hosting.

One very valuable and unique service that separates Future Hosting from much of the competition is its SSL certificate service. This is very desirable for serious business and website owners, saves the customer time in upkeep management of their certifications, and allows them to redirect that energy and attention to sales, marketing, and management of their personnel and business instead.

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