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How to rank top in Google search engine

Delivering the best product possible, becoming popular, and successful with your business while relying on the internet to drive your sales or at least some of your sales, can come down to how popular you are on major search engines like Google.

Whether or not you rank top in a search engine like Google, given today’s modern SEO and marketing tactics will require you to think outside of the box, and also consider major social media marketing as a new outlet, as well as other relative website sources.

Let’s review some of the most successful, prominent approaches to maximizing your exposure and getting you the highest rank possible on Google.

SEO Keyword Appropriation. How and where you appropriate keywords on your site can mean the difference between both major search engine ratings, as well as the organic traffic you attract. Using keyword per page can prove very useful, assuming it’s relevant and gives your website visitors or customers the sense that they’re in the right place. Also, using anchors throughout your website which leads back to other relevant pages can prove equally useful, and serve as boosters for popularizing your website or business. Linking to other, top-rated or authority websites can also increase your chances of gaining top ratings on major search engines like Google. A lot of website owners might not realize it, but backlinking then can also be internal, although also very useful as mentioned above with other related websites.

In Google Webmaster Tools, Search traffic – Search Queries, you can find pages of your website, which sitting on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page of Google. If you optimize them they can reach first page of SERP.

Product and Business Reviews– Making it possible for customers to leave reviews on your website, business, or products is ideal. In fact, even working on encouraging visitors to leave feedback about your site via Google can dramatically increase your click-back and search engine rating.

Google Map Listing– In this modern day and age, adding your business or website to a Google Map local listing can greatly provide both more exposure as well as increase your Google rating, popularity, and help prospective customers and website visitors authenticate the legitimacy of your site or business.

Backlinks– As mentioned above, backlinks are extremely valuable. But don’t just pursue link-sharing agreements with other relevant websites or businesses. Go the extra mile either on your own or hire a specialist to go and post on relevant sites and forums, offering backlinks to your site where acceptable, or using your business name in their username to passively advertise your site to boost ratings.