Best fastest easiest way to get thousands, millions Youtube video views

In this article I will tell you about best methods to get thousands and even millions of Youtube video views, increase views and subscribers, how to optimize video title and description. Is there free method to get loads of Youtube views fast? The answer is YES!

I checked one of my Youtube channels yesterday, saw statistics: one video got more than 150,000 views, another 920,000 thousands views, another one reaches over 1,015,000 views. Youtube videos is a sufficient traffic source for some of my websites and also backlinks from description links.


1) The main secret is to optimize video title and description. Type in keyword phrase to the Youtube search box, it suggests you keyword list, evaluate keyword competition (check how many videos have this title). The same you can do in Google search, find keyword phrases for Title, description and tags. Write 2-3 sentenses in the description using synonyms of your main title keyword.

Post as many tags as you can, use different keyword phrases.

2) Make your video viral. Ask your friends to watch video and like it. Post it on forums, social network, social bookmarking websites. It’d be a springboard for video, help it to get exposure, likes, views and rank better.