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TsoHost truly maximizes on various tools, hosting-methods, modules, and services to optimize your website, hosting, and server experience.

TsoHost provides multiple tools for registering domains, WHOIS protection, transfers, and more. Bulk ordering to .london domains, TsoHost specializes in ensuring there is a domain registration or movement service for nearly any type and size business or website.

Not only does TsoHost provide reseller, cloud, and VPS server hosting, but it also specializes in the creation and management of PrestaShop, Joomla, WordPress, Ghost hosting, forum hosting (think Vbulletin), and more.

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Customizing your website or businesses appearance is made easy with TsoHost. Whether you elect to utilize one of the various pre-made templates, all the way to the website creator and designer tool, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for you and the future appearance of your website and business.

From firewalls, server migration, to SSL certificates; TsoHost has gone above and beyond in the past more than 10 years to really maximize customer and consumer needs, ensuring not only the ultimate design and data-storage technology, but also security and protection.


Like most of its servers, TsoHost utilizes Xenon single and dual-core technology, HDD storage ranging from 400 to 6000GB, 700MB all the way to 8GB of RAM. All Linux-VPS based managed servers include daily free back-ups and migration at any time, truly optimizing your experience, security, and protection.

Using PHP, Perl, Ruby, and more; all programming languages are available for you to use, and add to the diversity of both your website and it’s management—and security. With 1-click installs and 24/7/365 customer service using TsoHost for your business and website needs is definitely a step in the right direction.

Whether you use cloud, dedicated, or shared and managed servers for your site, speed is guaranteed and increased up-time as well as flexibility are a must-have for any of TsoHost’s plans.

TsoHost is leading the way into the future by using the most reputable, modernized cloud-based web hosting technology, including tons of 1-click apps, hybrid hosting, and more. TsoHost has four various plans for cloud hosting, allowing you to customize web space ranging from 500MB to a whopping 100GB. Bandwidth is easily customized, and is available in 5GB to 1000Gb space-format. Every plan comes with MySQL Database technology, ranging from 3, to 5, all the way up to unlimited databases dependent upon the plan you select.