Top 6 Most Reputable & Secure Domain Registrars 2018

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Reputable, Safest Domain Registrars on the Market: Making the Right Investment

If you’re in the market for a domain registrar or considering switching to one for a better experience and quality services you’ve come to the right place. Let’s review the Top 6 Domain Registrars this year based on customer care, domain transferability, honoring contract prices, fees, marketplace features, control panel quality, security, API’s, simplicity, integration, and even complimentary products.


Top 6 domain name providers review

1) – is a premier domain registrar service that provides a variety of Domains, Hosting, and Apps services. This is a great service to go to if you’re looking for a premium experience and support with domain registration, transfer, personal domains, or even new TLDs. They have a very active marketplace, and as an added bonus also provide Whois, PremiumDNS, and FreeDNS services to customers and new users. They also offer reselling hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and private email hosting for those looking for more security and protection while maintaining a way to be easily contacted for business.

Customers have reported the luxury of enjoying very responsive, helpful customer service and Shared Hosting Plans that are both profitable and practical for their websites and business. NameCheap uses a well-organized, modern, and easy to use interface. So whether you’re looking to use their services for HTML5 sites or WordPress, they have a wide variety of different services to try out and enjoy. It’s also very affordable, true to its name, but doesn’t sacrifice quality for the price paid which a lot of the competition, as you may have already experienced does. I’ve been using Namecheap for several years without any problems. I have bunch of domains (com, net).

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2) – offers very competitive pricing for purchasing and maintaining domains. They’re also a desirable domain registrar service because of their flexibility to accept Paypal, Skrill, Dwolla, AllPay, and even Bitcoin. They have bulk prices available which are helpful for customers purchasing and managing many domains and are very friendly and helpful in assisting you in the process of domain transfer. We find NameSilo to be competitively desirable for not just the mainstream services they provide, but for the little things too. NameSilo is upfront about costs and fees and openly explains to customers through the billing process how ICANN fee’s work – which is typically included in the advertised package price. NameSilo is a top provider as a domain registrar and offers quality WhoIs protection which is helpful for any personal blogger, website, and business (domain) owner.

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3) GoDaddy – is a major domain registrar service with all types of services from domains to website hosting, web security specialists and resources, tools, and even online marketing services for getting your site or business to take off and maximize its potential.

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4) – is a WordPress friendly broad-range domain registrar and sercice provider that can help those who are interested in building or rebuilding their website, as well as offering extensive Hosting and SSL services such as SSL Certificates and Two-Step Verification features. is not as large as many of the other competing domain registrars on the market but prides itself on it’s “small family” experience and provides each customer with a personalized touch. They are very receptive to customer queries and helpful with domain transfers and blog support. They’re not known for the most affordable pricing, but still remains a great choice for those just getting started and requiring maximum support, a friendly control panel, and easy to navigate site.

5) – Google a strictly domain registrar-only service is an effective route to take if you wish to claim, register, or manage domain names. Unfortunately, they do not offer to host, however, there are business services and email available separately through Google Apps. Using Googles Domain Registrar is great for integration with the majority of web apps available on the market, and users report great experience with DNS server services. Google Domain registrar is simple to use, maintains relatively transparent value pricing, and although not the cheapest they do offer improved, and superior pricing for overall packages. They also provide extensive resources and domain name tools for searching and registering TLD’s or top-level domains- as well as country designated TLD’s which is especially helpful for marketing and maintaining business or website traffic. Overall Google Registrar customers report a positive experience, and that it’s worth the investment of both their time and money.

6) – Dynadot as a major domain registrar has a solid reputation for providing great deals and prices for domain transfers, tools, and services. Overall, their prices seem to remain just about as consistent as their customer service, which is a great thing and they have the customer database, modern resources, tools, and easy to use domain registrar to prove it.

If you’re looking to group your domains into folders all at once and enjoy other, customized features then is a great choice. They also prove email forwarding, domain redirection, and basic level DNS services.

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