Wiredtree.com VPS dedicated hybrid plans opiniones coupon code 2017

WiredTress Hosting Services really sets itself apart from the competition by offering and guaranteeing 24/7 phone, email, and HelpDesk support to all of its clients. This is especially desirable for clients, as they range globally and often may have experienced Hosting Services in the past which were restricted to a specific time zone which otherwise proved inconvenient or contradictory to the purpose and accessibility of their business to reach its staff and customers. Is wiredtree slow or fast hosting? Read customer reviews about hosting plans.

WiredTree shows its ability to go above and beyond by always updating, patching, and ensuring uptime of your website, VPN, other system management solutions, e-commerce solutions, and even Vbulletin Hosting and Server maintenance and support by only using the most modern and efficient technology and techniques.

WiredTree VPS, Hybrid, Dedicated Server hosting plans coupon discount promo code 2017, special offers:

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Using only the most reliable technology, WiredTree accelerates past the competition by using dual quad-core and hexa-core Intel Xenon CPU’s for their VPS services, bridging them with 12 Physical CPU’s and 24 Virtual CPU processors. Combining these services with Supermicro motherboards, chassis, and EEC registered memory means your data and information are guaranteed to be protected, backed-up, and never vulnerable to down-time or other common hosting troubles or ‘pitfalls’.


Managed VPS hosting plans

Pure SSD VPS hosting solution for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other

SSD 2000 (price: $55/month, RAM: 2.5GB, Storage: 50GB Pure SSD RAID-10, CPU Priority: X2, Bandwidth: 6TB);

SSD 3000 (price: $70/month, RAM: 3.5GB, Storage: 70GB Pure SSD RAID-10, CPU Priority: X3, Bandwidth: 8TB);

SSD 4000 (price: $85/month, RAM: 4.5GB, Storage: 90GB Pure SSD RAID-10, CPU Priority: X4, Bandwidth: 10TB);

SSD-Accelerated VPS hosting plan

VPS 2000 (price: $49/month, RAM: 2GB, Storage: 100GB Pure SSD-Accelerated, CPU Priority: Equal Share, Bandwidth: 6TB);

SSD 3000 (price: $69/month, RAM: 3GB, Storage: 120GB Pure SSD-Accelerated, CPU Priority: Equal Share, Bandwidth: 8TB);

SSD 4000 (price: $89/month, RAM: 4GB, Storage: 150GB Pure SSD-Accelerated, CPU Priority: Equal Share, Bandwidth: 10TB);

Managed Hybrid Servers Plans

Pure SSD Hybrid Servers: Dedicated Xeon CPU Cores: 1-4, RAM: 6-8GB, SSD DISK: 100-160GB, 2-16 IP Addresses, Softaculous, RVSkin, WHMCS, Unbranded WHMCS, LiteSpeed Web Server option.

SSD-Accelerated Hybrid: 1-4 Xeon CPU Cores, RAM: 5120-8192MB, SSD-Accelerated Disk: 160-240GB, 2-16 IP Addresses, Softaculous, RVSkin, WHMCS, Unbranded WHMCS, LiteSpeed Web Server option.

Managed Dedicated Servers Web Hosting Plans

Single CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5: 4 to 10 CPU Cores, DDR3 & DDR4 ECC Memory, 8GB to 128GB RAM, SuperMicro Rackmount Server, Hot-Swappable Chassis Available, 2 IPs, 20TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth

Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5: 8 to 20 CPU Cores, DDR4 ECC Registered Memory, 8GB to 256GB RAM, SuperMicro Rackmount Server, Hot-Swappable Chassis Included, 2 IPs, 20TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth

One of the most conclusively appealing services and angle that sets WiredTree apart from other hosting service providers is that it manually and physically installs your servers, software, and hardware at their designated sites – so you’re guaranteed a unique and personalized experience fit to fulfill all the needs of your business from marketing to customer-interactions. WiredTree makes it possible through communication platforms such as Vbulletin for your members and customers to interact both with one another, as well you.

All of WiredTree’s service plans include unlimited domain and user flexibility, full-root access, and guaranteed 100% network uptime SLMA—another huge benefit is maintaining the same IP address even through upgrading, changing hardware or updating software, as well as migration between operating systems — so you don’t have to worry about unwanted changes or registration discrepancies with your domain, services, or business.

5 thoughts on “Wiredtree.com VPS dedicated hybrid plans opiniones coupon code 2017”

  1. As for opinions, Ive been with WiredTree for 1.5 years now, and currently on their SSD VPS plan (40gig). Their customer support has been absolutely amazing, and any server issues or questions have been answered by their staff (ive even called at 4am). The only issue I had was with their lower end non-SSD servers being slow, but thats all changed since moving to SSD.

  2. I have been with them for 3 years. Have had a Hybrid VPS with them since 10/2013 and do not remember any major issues at all with the server since that time. Its been great. Support responds quickly to requests. They own and service their own data center and always are adding free upgrades to the accounts!

  3. Been a Wiredtree VPS and Hybrid customer for 7+ yrs now and have referred alot of my clients (VPS, Hybrid and dedicated) who need managed hosting to Wiredtree in that time and AFAIK all those clients are still with Wiredtree for 4-5+ yrs now. That’s saying something

    If you needed managed hosting, Wiredtree is highly recommended. They’re the only host I am using for managed, while the rest of my 15+ web hosts I use are unmanaged as I don’t need WHM/Cpanel for those sites.

    One thing though, I would love to see Wiredtree embrace KVM virtualisation instead of Virtuozzo

  4. I use WiredTree and have no complaints. They typically answer support tickets within an hour. I’ve only had one occasion were the response was not helpful, and after clarifying what I wanted they resolved the issue.

    Their default settings are good for general use. When tightening up security I had little to do aside from adjusting DDoS settings based on my clients use patterns.

    When I need to move to a dedicated server, I’ll likely stay with WiredTree.

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